Welcome to the canteen of the APEEE  Service of Brussels I.

We prepare daily more than 2.700 school meals on site for all the pupils registered for the service.

Two cafeterias are available for secondary students.

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Enjoy your meal !





CANTEEN (UCCLE)  28-08-2021

The canteen and cafeteria will open on Thursday 2 September 2021.


Kindergarten and Primary

From Thursday 2 September, Kindergarten and Primary pupils registered in the canteen will be accompanied to the canteen by their class teacher.


Secondary school

Due to the long closure period, your child may have lost the key that allows him/her to access the canteen and pay in the cafeteria.

In order to avoid an overload of students at the canteen office on the first Thursday of the school year, students will have the possibility to buy a new key (new key price: 8 EUR) from Wednesday 1 September. Just go to the canteen office in the Van Houtte building.

New Secondary 1 pupils registered in the canteen/cafeteria will receive their key on Wednesday 1 September during the S1 welcome meeting. Pupils from other levels (S2 to S7) should go to the canteen office to collect their key.

Important note

Please do not use the key to pay the canteen fee, as this is paid in two half-yearly bank transfers. The loading of the key (via the MYNETPAY website) is only used to pay the cafeteria and cannot exceed the amount of 60 EUR.



APEEE Services reimbursement policy for the year 2020/2021  ( 24 - 06 - 2021)

Dear Parents,

As you know, the health situation has forced us to suspend or completely interrupt certain services as of the 2020 All Saints' holidays.

During this period, in order to reduce as much as possible salary costs which, represent a significant part of the fixed costs, we have put a large part of our staff on temporary unemployment, in particular in the canteen and the extracurricular service.

In line with the principle of solidarity applied during the first year of the health crisis, the APEEE Services Board approved the payment of a 30% salary supplement in order to guarantee the people concerned a 100% salary. As a result, the unemployment office paid 70% of the increased gross salaries and the APEEE Services intervened for the additional 30%.

We also had to deal with other fixed costs such as telephone costs, the social secretariat, insurance, bank charges, etc. But also, the salaries of the managers who ensured the management and administrative follow-up.


How did we calculate the number of days of closure?

The non-worked days correspond to the days when the school and/or the services were closed in accordance with the health protocols imposed by the school due to the pandemic (Ministerial Directives of the COCOM, Commission Communautaire Commune de Bruxelles).

The school was closed for 21 days

Canteen: closure since 16/11/2020 for Primary and Secondary. The Maternelles have been operating except for 26 days.  No reimbursement is foreseen for the Maternelles as the costs of providing meals for such a small number of children are significant and are not covered by the amount of the contributions.


What can we reimburse?

Taking into account the above constraints and the need to ensure the financial viability of the Services, the APEEE Services Board has approved a reimbursement of 70% of the unused services, at the same level as the previous year. By the end of the school year you will receive from each service a refund corresponding to 70% of the value of the services not provided for which you were enrolled and for which you had paid.

We thank you for your patience and hope to see you back next autumn so that we can start living life to the full! We wish you a great summer and look forward to seeing you in September.



CANTEEN  Maternelle ( 22 - 06 - 2021)

Dear Parents,

As already mentioned in the school's press release of 3 May, we would like to remind you that the canteen for the MAT will remain open until 1 July inclusive,

The Canteen Service Management Committee




Dear students,

We hope that you are well and that the return to the classroom allows you to finish this year in better conditions.

We plan to welcome you back to our canteen and cafeterias in September. Due to the long closure period, it is possible that you will not have your key anymore (both to access the canteen and to pay in the cafeteria).

In order to avoid a surplus of students in the office during the first days in September, you have the possibility to buy a new key during the month of June in case you have lost it. Just come to the canteen office, which is open every day (except Wednesday) between 10 and 11 am. The price of a new key is 8 euros.

This is what I would do if I were you ....

The canteen team wishes you all a well-deserved holiday.



COVID-19 ( 20-04-2021)

Information on the reopening of the canteen  ( Maternelle)

Dear Parents of Maternelle in Uccle,

In accordance with the regulations, we confirm that the canteen will be able to continue to provide meals only for kindergarten pupils from 26 April 2021 until further notice.

We are happy to continue to offer this service to your children.

The Canteen Service Management Committee



COVID-19  ( 22-03-2021)



"The Ministers of Education of the three Belgian communities agreed on Sunday to tighten the sanitary measures in schools from Wednesday onwards at the request of the Concertation Committee.

At the same time, the number of positive cases increased exponentially on Monday on our Uccle campus (as a reminder, the Berkendael campus is closed all week for the same reasons).

As a precautionary measure, and in agreement with the school, we are forced to stop the preparation and distribution of meals in the kindergarten canteen in Uccle as from tomorrow, Tuesday 23 March.

We are very sorry to hear this news, which makes life even more difficult for many families.

Please prepare a meal for all your children in the kindergarten tomorrow.



COVID-19 ( 20-01-2021)

Information on the Canteen payment for the second semester 2021 ( Maternelle)

Dear Parents of Maternelle in Uccle,

In accordance with the regulations, we confirm that the canteen will be able to continue to provide meals only for kindergarten pupils from 18 January 2021 until further notice.

We are happy to continue to offer this service to your children.

Even if this service generates a significant additional cost in the current context of the COVID crisis, the Canteen Management Committee has decided to keep the amount foreseen for the payment of the second semester.

An automatic e-mail will be sent to you on Friday 22 January with the necessary information to make the payment. Thank you for respecting the deadlines. Based on the data recorded at the end of this school year, we will analyse the relevance of any reimbursements.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Canteen Service Management Committee



COVID-19 ( 15-01-2021)

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the APEEE Services, we wish you all the best for 2021.

As of 18 January 2021 with the return to in situ learning (according to the different formulas), the functioning of the different services will be as follows.

Belgium remains in red code for schools. This ministerial note is being followed by the EEB1 School and this implies that the situation for the services remains the same as before the Christmas holidays.

Canteen (Uccle)

The canteen and cafeteria remain closed for Primary and Secondary school children, only meals for the Kindergarten are served according to the health standards in force.

Concerning the partial reimbursement of contributions, we will get back to you at the end of the school year after having obtained all the necessary elements to calculate a reimbursement percentage.

We thank you in advance for your patience.



COVID-19 ( 01-10-2020)

Dear parents,

In view of the uncertain and constantly changing situation we are experiencing today and in order to ensure sound budgetary management, we ask you to pay your subscription in full for the first half of the year. At this stage, we are not in a position to calculate any discounts for "COVID-19" absences.

We plan to adjust the amount for the 2nd half of the year (February to June 2021) based on the data recorded in the 1st half of the year. More detailed information will be communicated to you at the end of this semester.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please take care of yourself