Loading the key

To load the 'electronic' key for purchases in the cafeteria, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on this link https://services-uccleparents.mynetpay.be/?view=resetpassword
  2. Instead of "Enter your username..." enter the login for your child; (6 digits)
  3. Select "Parent password".

As soon as this operation is done, you have access to your child's e-wallet and you can proceed to top up your child's account via your credit card.

Attention, if you have several children, you will have to repeat this operation for each of them with their own username.

You can also find your child's username on the registration site (https://services.uccleparents.org/) on his or her canteen order or on his or her child form.


Transaction fees

In order to adapt our conditions of use to the new legislation in force, the transaction fee for loading keys for purchases in the cafeteria will be paid by the APEEE services - canteen. You will therefore be exempted from this transaction fee of 0.27€.

In order to avoid passing on these costs to the prices of the products and at the same time to keep them at an acceptable level for the budget of the canteen service, the minimum loading amount is raised to 30 €; the maximum amount will be 60 €.

This change will come into effect from 1 April 2022.