Inscriptions - modifications - cancellations - repayments

Subscriptions to the school’s canteen are made as an annual subscription through the online registration site.

Registration via the website is done during the first fortnight of June. The exact dates will be sent by email and will also be available on our website.

We offer subscriptions of

  • 3 or 4 (fixed) days per week for kindergarten and primary children, and
  • 2, 3 or 4 (fixed) days per week for secondary students.


The annual subscription is spread in two payments, covering the following periods :

• September to January
• February to the end of the school year.

New students

The registration is done through the online registration site at the end of the school year for the next school year.

Students already enrolled

For all students whose payment is in good order, registration is automatically extended to the next school year (with the exception of 7th secondary students).
You will receive an e-mail with this information at the end of each school year.

If you wish to cancel or modify your order for the following school year, you must do so through the online registration within the applicable deadlines.


You will receive a payment request by email, which is customized for each period and for each of your children (one in the month of September and the other in the month of January ) with a customized structured communication for the payment.

Structured communication is required for each payment.

The bank account of APEEE’s Canteen Service is BE10 3100 9205 4504.

We request you to please respect the terms of payment.  If no action is taken further to our second and last reminder, we will present the case to our bailiff and we will be obliged to cancel your child's access to the canteen.

Modifications-cancellation-reimbursements during the school year.

Any request for amendment or cancellation of a registration must be received by email.

Thank you for completing the form :  Application for Reimbursement : Demande de remboursement

The change is made from the date of application.

Reimbursement of meals  is made as from 2 consecutive weeks of absence on a cost basis.


The APEEE Canteen - Service is a service provided by and for the families who are members of the APEEE.
By  registering your child to this service, you agree to become a member of the APEEE and thus pay the annual subscription fee of the APEEE.
That fee is of EUR 50 per family.
If you fail to pay the fee to the APEEE, the registration to the canteen service will be canceled, pursuant to the decision taken at the General Assembly of the APEEE of 7 December 2010.

"If your family has outstanding orders or subscriptions for one or more services and/or the APEEE subscription fee, your registration will not be accepted."