Please consult the new rules of the canteen:

règlement self-service 2019-2020

the school’s Management encourages parents of students in fourth and fifth secondary to ensure that children stay for lunch within the school area:  either in the canteen or in the cafeteria.

The kitchen team :


From left to right :

  • Danilo Stasi                                            chef de cuisine
  • Emilia Fernandes                                 commis de cuisine
  • Françine Degroot                                 responsable repas personnel
  • Abdelwahed Braija                              commis de cuisine
  • Tony Dillen                                              gérant
  • Nadia Nys                                                 commis de cuisine
  • Christine Vandecappellen                 vendeuse cafetaria
  • Vincent Majerus                                     chef de partie
  • Véronique Terryn                                  vendeuse cafetaria
  • Alain Godichal                                        sous-chef

After-school care for the Commission on Wednesday afternoon.

Children attending the after-school care eat a hot meal prepared by the canteen on Wednesday afternoon.
They should not enroll in the canteen for that meal. This service will be billed to you directly by the care center.