General provisions

The APEEE Services - canteen is a service provided by and for APEEE member families.

By applying for your child's registration for this service, you undertake to become a member of the APEEE and therefore to pay the annual subscription of the APEEE.

The contribution for the year is 50 € per family.

Failure to pay the APEEE fee, in accordance with the decision taken at the APEEE General Assembly on 7 December 2010, will result in the cancellation of the registration to the service.

"If your family has unpaid orders or subscriptions for services and/or APEEE fees, your registration will not be accepted".


Registration for the school canteen is made by means of an annual subscription via the website https:Bienvenue sur le site d'inscription en ligne de l'APEEE et l'APEEE Services | APEEE Services (

Every year, registrations via the online registration site are open in the first two weeks of June. The exact date is communicated by e-mail and via our website.

We offer subscriptions

  • 3 or 4 days a week for kindergarten and primary students, and
  • 2, 3 or 4 days a week for secondary school students.

The annual subscription is spread out in 2 payments, covering the following periods :

  • September to January,
  • February at the end of the school year.

For children leaving for snow class, the amount for the first payment period will be adapted.

New pupils

Registration is via the website https:Bienvenue sur le site d'inscription en ligne de l'APEEE et l'APEEE Services | APEEE Services (  At the end of the school year for next school year.

Pupils already registered

For all students in good standing, registration is automatically renewed at the beginning of the next school year (except for students in 7th secondary).

You will receive an e-mail with this information at the end of each school year.

If you wish to cancel or modify your order for the following year, you must do so via https: Bienvenue sur le site d'inscription en ligne de l'APEEE et l'APEEE Services | APEEE Services ( within the time limit.

Commission after-school care on Wednesday afternoon.

Children attending the after-school care centre eat a hot meal prepared by the Canteen on Wednesday lunchtime. They do not have to register at the canteen for this meal. It will be invoiced directly to you by the after-school care centre.

 Pupils 'home food'

The "tartinist" pupils are taken care of by the school, in a separate room provided by the school, under the school's responsibility.

Only the kindergarten "tartinist" pupils will have a place in the refectory.


The final rates for the current year will be confirmed upon acceptance of the budget during the Annual General Meeting of the association.

The rates are differentiated as follows:

  • Subscription 2 meals per week (only for secondary school students)
  • Subscription 3 meals per week
  • Subscription 4 meals per week
  • Student ticket for occasional meal (only for secondary schools)
  • meals for teachers and staff

For subscriptions of 2 or 3 days a week a part of the weekly fixed fee for the days on which the child is not registered is added to the subscription.


You will receive a personalised payment request by email for each period and for each of your children (one during the month of September and the other during the month of January) with a personalised structured communication.

The structured communication is compulsory for each payment.

The bank account of the APEEE Canteen Service is BE10 3100 9205 4504.

We kindly ask you to respect the payment deadlines.

If no action is taken on our second and final reminder, we will hand over the debtor's file in the hand of our bailiff and we will be obliged to remove your child's access to the canteen.

Modification / refunds

Any request for modification or cancellation of a registration must be sent to us by e-mail.

Please fill in the form : Refund request EN demande remboursement EN

The modification is made from the date of the request.

Meals are reimbursed from 2 consecutive weeks of absence on the basis of the price of the meal - the fixed costs.

The canteen reimburses the part of the subscription not used by users who leave the school definitively during the school year.

"In the event of force majeure leading to the cessation or suspension of one or more of our association's services, the APEEE Services will not be obliged to reimburse the full amount of the subscriptions and will reimburse on a pro rata basis the sessions/meals/activities not provided once the fixed charges have been deducted at the end of the school year. The reimbursement will not therefore be 100%. "



The canteen tries to serve meals that are likely to appeal to a majority of children from different traditions and that respect a balanced diet, while taking into account the organisational and disciplinary constraints in the restaurant, as well as the need to ensure the comfort and safety of the pupils.

The menus for our youngest children (Maternelle and Primary 1) are adapted to their age: an increased quantity of hot vegetables among those they enjoy, but also raw vegetables and fresh fruit.

The menus for the self-service and the smallest ones are published on the APEEE Service website.

Given the number of registered users, it is not possible to establish personal menus that take account of diet, illness or allergies.

Driving in the restaurant (self-service)

The time of the meal.

Students settle down at the table in an orderly fashion. They can consume their meal in an average time of 20 minutes, during which they have the opportunity to complete their meal in one of the two salad bars installed in the restaurant (not for pupils in P2 and P3).

Water jugs will be placed at the table by the service staff and replaced regularly.

The end of the meal.

Before leaving the table, the students will want to leave their place clean for the next ones. Students slide their chairs under the table. At the end of their meal, the pupils take their tray to the washing area or (only for primary pupils) to the clearing trolleys installed in the restaurant.


Primary and maternal services

Students are accompanied to the restaurant by their teacher who is responsible for watching them during the lunch hour. –

Secondary services

Supervision of the pupils is the responsibility of the school. The presence of the supervisors is essential between 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm.

 Access control for the secondary schools

Access to the self-service area is reserved for students who have paid their annual subscription (Key-Fob key) or an occasional meal ticket.

The canteen office is only open between 10.30 and 11.00 am and at lunchtime between 12.30 and 1.45 pm.

Very important.

Pupils who have lost their key will have to buy a new one at the price of 8 euros.

The key will be deactivated and the student will have to buy a new one directly to have access to the canteen the same day.

In case the key is forgotten, the student will be asked to pick up a free ticket. The student can "forget" his/her key 3 times per semester. From the fourth time they forget their key, they will have to buy an 'occasional' meal ticket.

Any student who is in the restaurant without a valid registration/ticket or who leaves the queue without going through the access control system or who enters through the exit access, will be fined : 20 euros for a first offence and 50 euros for subsequent offences.

Failure to pay the fine on time will result in the child being excluded from the canteen. This information will be communicated to the principal counsellor of the school.



Registration only if your child is not registered at the canteen and therefore does not have a key.

To order a key, go to the registration site https: Bienvenue sur le site d'inscription en ligne de l'APEEE et l'APEEE Services | APEEE Services (

As soon as your child is registered, you will receive an e-mail from our service with instructions on how to log in and load your key via the NETPAY platform.

Afterwards your child can collect the new key from the canteen manager (office at the back of the student canteen, Van Houtte building).

The key ordered will only be used for purchases in the cafeterias and will not give access to the canteen if the child is not registered there.

Loading the key

To load the 'electronic purse' key for cafeteria purchases, please follow the steps below:

Click on this link https:

Instead of "Enter your username..." enter the login for your child; (6 digits)

Select "Parent password".

As soon as this is done, you have access to your child's e-wallet and you can top it up using your credit card.

Attention, if you have several children, you will have to repeat this operation for each of them with their own username.

You can also find your child's username on the registration site https: ,Bienvenue sur le site d'inscription en ligne de l'APEEE et l'APEEE Services | APEEE Services ( on his canteen order or on his child's card.

Transaction fees

In order to adapt our conditions of use to the new legislation in force, the transaction fee for loading keys for purchases in the cafeteria will be paid by the APEEE services - canteen. You will therefore be exempted from this transaction fee of 0.27€.

In order to avoid passing on these costs to the prices of the products and at the same time to keep them at an acceptable level for the budget of the canteen service, the minimum loading amount is raised to 30 €; the maximum amount will be 60 €.

This change will come into effect from 1 April 2022.

Important notice in case of lost key

We would like to draw your attention to the problem that your child may face if he/she loses his/her digital canteen/cafeteria key. If your child loses his/her key, it is essential and urgent that he/she comes as soon as possible to inform the canteen office so that we can block his/her key in order to avoid that another student uses his/her key without his/her knowledge to make purchases in the cafeteria. The risk of key theft exists within the school. As long as your child does not inform us of the loss of his/her key, we unfortunately have no way of reimbursing the child after the theft.

  1. We therefore ask you to inform your child about the need to react quickly in case of loss of a key by coming to inform the canteen office so that we can block his/her key until he/she buys a new one
  2. We advise you to load his key with a minimum of 30 euros on a regular basis rather than 60 euros which can be stolen unexpectedly