ORGANISATION: Who is in charge of the lockers?

Mr. Noé Hennequin

ORGANISATION: Who can benefit from a locker?

All secondary school students whose families have paid the APEEE membership fee.

ORGANISATION: Who manages the lockers?

The Locker Service is one of the services managed by the APEEE Services.

ORGANISATION: What is the role of the school?

The school does not manage the lockers, but allocates the space for them and manages access to the surveillance cameras installed in the locker rooms.

ORGANISATION: Where is the locker office?

The Lockers Office is located in the Pré-Vert Building, 1st floor, 3rd door on the right.

REGISTRATION: When can I make a new request for a locker?

You can place a new order for lockers throughout the year until May, because at the beginning of June, registration for the following year begins.

REGISTRATION: What does the status “Awaiting Processing” mean?

Either the locker manager has not yet processed your request or there is no locker available. Please be patient, the locker manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION: What does “Pending payment” status mean?

An email has been sent to the e-mail addresses of your parents’ account. It contains all the necessary information in order for the payment to be made.

REGISTRATION: What does the status “Pending payment/Last reminder” mean?

You have already received three payment requests. If we do not receive payment or hear from you within 10 days, the order will be canceled.

There are two possible situations: either this is a new request which is simply canceled or this is a renewal which means that the locker is emptied and the lock is changed.

REGISTRATION: What does the status “Payment not in conformity” mean?

Either the amount paid is incorrect or the transfer was made to the wrong bank account.

REGISTRATION: What does “Accepted/Paid” status mean?

Your request has been accepted. The key for the locker is available at the locker office (except for the first day of the 1st year).

REGISTRATION: Right to a locker?

Unfortunately, the space allocated to lockers is limited. We do our best to accommodate every request, but we cannot guarantee a locker for every student who requests one.

THE PROCESS: Do students change their locker every year?

Students keep the same locker for the duration of their schooling, except, of course, in the case of an approved change.

THE PROCESS: Is it possible to store anything in the locker?

Yes, as long as the student respects the rules of the school, the rules of the lockers, and that does not damage the locker.

THE PROCESS: Locker exchange?

Each request can be submitted from November 1st to April 30th inclusive but must be validated by the locker manager. The latter reserves the right to refuse without justifying his or her decision.

THE PROCESS: Can I make a duplicate key outside the school?

Yes, but we would like to warn you about their use because these keys are generally of lower quality.

THE PROCESS: My child can’t find the location of his locker?

The quickest way is for your child to go directly to the locker office for assistance.

OTHERS: What should I do if I find that another student has access to my locker?

Notify the locker manager immediately, with the name of the person concerned if possible.

OTHERS: The location of my locker does not suit me, what can I do?

The locker locations are 1 to 2 minutes away from each other. The student’s organization is to be favored because locker exchanges are not favored.

OTHERS: How do I find another student who wants to change lockers?

We create a list of requests every year. When two students have matching requests, we try to put them in contact.

OTHERS: A person to degrade my locker, what can I do?

As you are responsible for your locker, it is imperative that you inform the person in charge as soon as possible in order to make sure that you are not “punished” for this damage.