The association APEEE Services - Lockers is charged by the European School of Brussels I to provide lockers for secondary school students as well as to manage this service. The registration and the lockers' renewal are done via the computer application developed by the APEEE Services.

Article 1: Registration and handing over of keys

  1. New order:

For any high school student wishing to have a locker, it is necessary to create an order on the following website: As soon as a locker is available, you will receive a payment request message. Once the payment is finalized (order in "Accepted" status on your parent's account), you are assigned a locker. Allocations are made randomly. Students cannot choose the location of their locker.

Handing-over of the key, two different scenarios:

a) For 1st secondary school students: keys are distributed in the classrooms on the first day of school (if the status is accepted at least the day before the beginning of the school year). Otherwise, the student must go to the locker office (Prévert building - 1st floor) to retrieve his or her key.

b)For secondary 2 to 7 students: the student must go to the locker office (Prévert building - 1st floor) to retrieve his or her key.

  1. Renewal (automatic renewal):

For students who already have a locker, automatic renewal is done annually and must be validated (on the website by the parents during the month of June.

Reminder: For all orders processed after the first day of school, all students must pick up their keys at the locker office.

Article 2: Prices

  • New order: Annual rental amount is 25€ + 30€ deposit (see article 7).
  • Renewal (automatic renewal): Annual rental amount is 25€.

These amounts are to be paid upon receipt of the message requesting payment by bank transfer. Please do not forget the structured communication.

Article 3: Responsibility

Any student with a locker is deemed to be aware of this by-law. When a locker is allocated, each student is required to report to the locker office any damage or vandalism found on his or her locker in order not to be held responsible for it at a later date.

A locker is assigned to one and only one person, who will be responsible for his or her locker for the entire duration of the rental period. The sharing of a locker is prohibited unless otherwise specified by the locker service manager. A student may only use the locker that has been assigned to him/her.

The Locker Service Manager has the right to open the lockers at any time he or she deems appropriate for repairs, maintenance work, or to verify that the use of the lockers complies with these rules. This will be done with due care and respect for the privacy of the student.

The APEEE Services declines all responsibility for any theft of valuables, break-ins, or accidents that may occur. If the contents of the locker are not removed during the summer break and disappear instead, the APEEE Services cannot be held responsible for them, nor for any items abandoned after a student has returned his or her locker.

Article 4: Proper use of lockers

Lockers are available for students to store their school supplies and sportswear. In order to make good use of the lockers, students will be expected to :

  • keep their locker clean, in good condition and, take care not to overload it;
  • not to leave perishable items inside the lockers;
  • Empty their locker at the end of the school year, even if they keep it;
  • Notify the locker manager as soon as possible if they witness acts of vandalism, damage or theft.
  • Graffiti, stickers, as well as any hanging or sticking of objects outside or inside the locker, are strictly forbidden. This will be systematically sanctioned.

The failure to comply with these rules may result in charges to be borne by you.

Article 5: Exchange of lockers

Locker exchange requests can only be submitted from November 1st to April 30th inclusive.

The students concerned must go to the locker office and obtain the prior agreement of the person in charge, who retains the discretionary power to refuse the request without justifying his or her decision.

The locker manager will keep an up-to-date list of students wishing to change lockers and will try to put interested students in contact with each other to this end. The data privacy regulations will be respected.

Article 6: Lost key

In the case of key loss, the student will be required to pay 10€ for a new original key or for the change of the cylinder, if necessary. This payment is to be made in cash, at the Locker Service office.

Article 7: Refund of deposit

For students renouncing to use a locker or leaving the school, the entire deposit will be refunded if :

  • the refund form (duly completed) and the original locker key are deposited at the Locker Service office, no later than the last day of the student's at school. If the key is not returned, an amount of 10€ will be deducted from the total deposit.
  • The locker is returned empty and clean. The locker service reserves the right to withhold charges for cleaning or repairs.

Article 8: Degradations

Any damage to the lockers will result in :

  • A full refund of the repair costs;
  • Suspension of the locker rental service to the student concerned. The duration of this suspension will be left to the discretion of the Locker Service Manager;
  • Information to the educational counselor and disciplinary measures adapted to the degradations committed.

Any student who has committed damage to the furniture may be required to clean it. In the event of failure to respect the rules for the proper use of lockers, the APEEE Services and the Lockers Service reserve the right to deprive the person(s) concerned of the use of a locker for a period to be determined by the person in charge of the Service.

Article 9: Recourse

Since the Locker Service will conduct a thorough investigation and consult with the parties concerned before any decision is made, no recourse is provided for in this by-law.

Article 10: Final provision

The APEEE Services - Lockers is a service provided by and for APEEE member families.

By requesting the registration of your child to this service, you commit yourself to become a member of the APEEE, to pay the annual subscription of the APEEE, and to read and respect the rules of the Locker Service.

Any registration to this service implies acceptance of the rules and regulations. The failure of paying the APEEE membership fee, in accordance with the decision taken at the APEEE General Assembly on December 7th, 2010, will result in the cancellation of the service registration.