CESAME Friday Afternoon Daycare in Uccle for 2020-2021

Who is concerned by the Cesame daycare service?

Children in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd primary in Uccle, except for children already enrolled in the OIB nursery school or those taken back by parents after the canteen.

Comment inscrire votre enfant ?

    • On the registration site: https://services.uccleparents.org by creating a daycare order
    • Due to the health situation, payment is not due at the time of registration. Requests for payment will be sent at a later date "
    • Payment can be annual or by semester
    • Any delay in payment will lead to an administrative charge of 10€ after 2 payment reminders
    • Registration possible (subject to availability) at any time during the school year.
    • Re-registration for each semester is done automatically (inform the service in case of no extension).

Occasional registrations are possible (20,00 euros/Friday). The request must reach the Césame office no later than 4 pm on Thursday (02/375 31 35 - garderie@apeee-bxl1-services.be). Please also inform your child's teacher of this change via the diary.

The APEEE Day Care Services are a service provided by and for the APEEE member families. By applying to register your child for this service, you agree to become a member of the APEEE and therefore to pay the annual subscription to the APEEE. Failure to pay the APEEE fee will result in the cancellation of the registration to the service, in accordance with the decision taken at the APEEE General Assembly of 7 December 2010.

How is the Cesame childcare service organised?


The children are taken care of by the activity leaders after the meal in the Fabiola building.
The children spend the afternoon in the classes and in the playground of the Fabiola building.
The children are distributed in the buses back home (4:00 pm) or they are picked up by the parents at the gate of Vert Chasseur at 3:45 pm


The children are taken care of by the monitors at 1:00 pm in their playground;
Children spend the afternoon in Gutenberg or Fabiola classes and in the playground.
The children are distributed in the buses back home (4:00 pm) or they are picked up by the parents at the gate of Vert Chasseur at 3:45 pm .

What do the children do during the daycare?

Most of the animators of the daycare also work for the extracurricular activities. This allows them to get to know the children better and to offer them a variety of activities: painting, crafts, modelling, board games, outdoor activities. Consult our Photo Gallery to find out more about these activities.

Provide a snack for the child if necessary - snack not included.

Animators speak in English, French, Spanish and/or Italian.

Last minute change

Any changes must be communicated by email/phone to Cesame and the teacher on Friday before 8:15 am. After this deadline, no changes will be taken into consideration.

It is possible to pick up your child before 3:45 pm in exceptional cases. It is imperative to inform Mr Rizzo (garderie@apeee-bxl1-services.be) and to sign an exit document with the teacher.

How much does the Cesame daycare service cost?

(the fees are calculated on the total number of Fridays per school year)

Annual price (from 03/09 to 25/06) : 522.00 €.

Semi-annual price

  • Semestre 1 (from 03/09 to 29/01) : 285,00 €
  • Semestre 2 (from 05/02 to 25/06) : 257,00 €

Registration during the semester: the fee is calculated in proportion to the number of days remaining.

Cancellation of a Cesame daycare order ?

  • Cancellation before the beginning of the semester: 25€ administration fee is charged
  • Cancellation after the beginning of the semester : The full membership fee is due