Cesame's after school activities : presentation and rules.

The APEEE Services - Césame is a service provided by and for APEEE member families.

By requesting the registration of your child to this service, you commit yourself to become a member of the APEEE and therefore to pay the annual fee of the APEEE. The fee is 50 € per family.
In accordance with the statutes of the APEEE, any failure to pay the APEEE fee will result in the cancellation of orders placed with the various services.


After school activities are organised for all grades, both in primary and in secondary school

After school activities enable children to discover, to enhance or sometimes to develop certain talents, whether artistic, sportive or musical. They give children with the same interests the opportunity to work closely in small groups where they can give free reign to their enthusiasm and creativity.

A child can express itself through a common denominator : the subject of interest, a sport, music or the theatre.

All that is needed is to guide the child in developing his/her skills, whether within the school facilities or outside.


The CESAME office works in close collaboration with the school

Within the school’s possibilities, its existing infrastructure and the general planning of daily use of the infrastructure, CESAME is entitled to the use of certain  class rooms, gym hall and art rooms for its after school activities.

The number of class rooms which we are entitled to use determines the number of courses/activities on offer and their time table.

Each year, CESAME tries to maximize the use of class rooms on offer.


The criteria for selection of an activity are as follows :

  • Upon special demand
  • The educational aspect or the‘attractiveness of an activity
  • The continuation of activities that are successful
  • The possibility of starting an activity which is succesful in other establishments

The activities are not considered as ‘official’ courses for which a form of homework is required, even though some activities do require some sort of preparatory work (e.g. music lessons)

The level and competences of each activity permits the child to develop within the chosen activity.

After school activities are not considered as a child minding activity. The idea is not to enroll a child in an after school activity just for the sake of being occupied during the long lunch break, but to guide the child towards and interest the child in a subject in which he or she might develop a talent.

At the end of the school year, the majority of the activities on offer prepare a presentation/show of all that has been acquired during the year.


New instructors and teachers will be selected by the existing team of instructors. CESAME receives new offers and recruits new instructors through the network of other schools and organizations that offer activities to children.

Instructors/teachers are being chosen on the following grounds :

Their technical competences

  • Their training and professional experience
  • Their capability of teaching a group of children
  • Their motivation
  • Their availability
  • Our needs

The instructors/teachers speak French, English, German, Danish, Polish etc.

We aim to replace absent instructors/teachers the same day.


-  1st and 2nd year primary school :

The program is established on a 6-months or yearly basis according to the type of activities

The activities are being organised from September to June (2 cycles)

The division in 2 cycles of 6 months allows the smallest children to discover what it’s like to participate in an activity without having to commit for a whole year. It allows the children to try different activities and to be able to make a more reasoned choice later on.

The more obvious activities, like judo, jazz dance, piano etc. are on a yearly basis and do not necessarily need an “introduction phase”

- 3rd, 4th and 5th year primary school :

The program is established on a yearly basis

The activities are being organised from end of September to mid June.

- Secondary school

The program is established on a yearly basis.

The activities take place from mid September to mid June


Registration for all CESAME activities are done online.

Each year, registration is done during the month of september. The exact dates will be sent by email and will also be available on our website.

The registrations of the second term for the  first and second primaries are opened in January.

Groups require a minimum and maximum number of students participating, depending on the requirements of each instructor.

The general rule for the maximum number of students :

  • 12 for cultural activities
  • 16 for sports activities
  • Between 6 and 16 for music activities

For primary students : places are assigned randomly by an algorithm. We recommend that you enroll your child only in activities for which they are motivated.

For secondary students : activities are allotted on a "first-come, first-served base"


Parents will receive an email confirming the admittance of their child to a chosen activity.

The teachers in primary school will receive a list of names of the children enrolled in after school activities and the particular activity into which they have been admitted.


Any changes to the choice of activities for which enrolment is requested will be accepted without extra cost before the actual start of the activities. Once activities have started a request for change of activity will only be accepted at the cost of € 10. A supplement may be charged if the fee for the new activity is higher than the one initially selected; if it is lower, no refund will be given.


  • before the start of activities without costs.
  • during the first 2 sessions of participation in an activity: cancellation will be charged 25.00 euro if the information is communicated, at the latest, in 3 days after the 2nd session. Beyond this period, the full fee will be due unless motivated by a medical certificate. In this cas, you will be charge for the number of sessions already followed.

In the event of force majeure leading to the cessation or suspension of one or more of our association's services, the APEEE Services will not be obliged to reimburse the full amount of the fees/subscriptions and will reimburse on a pro rata basis the activities not provided once the fixed charges have been deducted at the end of the school year. The reimbursement will therefore not be up to 100%.


  • Payment for the activity into which the child has been admitted is due 2 weeks after the enrolment has been confirmed.
  • In case the payment of the activity fee is still not received after 2 reminders, administration costs of € 15 will be added to the fee and the Césame office reserves the right to cancel the student's registration and to offer the place to another student on the waiting list.

In the event of non-payment of a subscription for one of the services, the account of the family concerned will be blocked from the week preceding the renewal of the canteen, transport and locker orders (generally the first week of June). The account will remain blocked and parents will not be able to register their children for the following school year until they have settled their payments.


Teachers receive the following information:

  • List of students enrolled
  • Where the activities take place
  • At what time the activities take place (before or after the canteen)

The instructors receive a list with the names of their students and look after them.

For the 1st and 2nd year primary students

  • Meeting point is fixed under the “preau” of the primary section gym’s hall
  • Notice boards will be put up to facilitate the grouping of children
  • The instructor will collect the children from the meeting point under the notice boards
  • Somebody will be present at the start of the activities and will oversee the grouping of the children

For 3rd, 4th and 5th year primary students

  • During the first 2 weeks, the meeting point will be fixed in the courtyard between the sciences and Erasmus  buildings.
  • Notice boards will be put up to facilitate the grouping of children
  • The instructor will collect the children from the meeting point under the « preau »
  • After 2 weeks the children will be able to find their own way to their respective activities.

Secondary school

  • The children will go to the class rooms of their respective activities
  • During the first week after the start of the activities, children will be allowed to try out different activities before making a definite decision.
  • The general rule for enrolment is on a first come, first serve basis. Attention: some activities are very popular and fill up quickly.
  • Please note that if you make a registration and then decide to cancel it, once the activities have started, we will ask you to pay a minimum fee, or even the full fee depending on when you inform us of your decision. See above for the conditions applicable in the event of cancellation.

The instructor is not responsible for the absence of a child.

Whenever possible, parents will be notified of the absence of a child and of possible « problems » encountered during the actual activity. In certain cases a child can and will be expelled from the activity, without reimbursement of the costs.

Parents are also requested to contact the CESAME office in case it comes to light that the child has problems participating in an activity or is often absent. A quick response can often solve minor problems!

We hope that the above information helps parents and students to understand how CESAME works and to maintain a harmonious relationship .

The CESAME team