Administrative Board

Administrative Board supervises the management of the association. It has a general competence for management and representation of the association.

The daily management of the association is delegated to the Administrative and Financial Coordination and to the managers of the various Committees.

Administrative Board, its president, secretary and treasurer are appointed during the annual meeting of the General Assembly for a period of 2 years. Members of the Administrative Board are exclusively parents volunteers and current members of the association.

Procedure: before the annual General Assembly, the candidates wishing to be part of the Board send their application by email (using the template sent on request by the Coordination) to:

Members of the Administrative Board 2021/2022

President :       Rafael Papi-Borderia

Vice-President:    Stéphanie Ressort

Secretary :       Zoltan Krasznai

Treasurer:        Viktor Hauk

Administrators :  Brian Gray, Georg Becker, David Delamarre, Pere Moles-Palleja, Fairouz Dridi Rotenberg,  Ivo Schmidt.

Rules of procedure of the Board of Directors of APEEE Services ASBL:

1. Board of Directors (BOD)

The maximum number of Board members, including the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, is established by the Statutes.

The Chairpersons of the Management Committees may be invited to the Board meetings even if they are not elected members of the Board - except when dealing with confidential matters.

It is advisable that Board members be involved in the work of one of the committees and/or the association.

Board documents may be adopted through a written procedure.

Each member of the Board of Directors signs a confidentiality agreement that commits him or her to a duty of restraint regarding matters discussed in the Board of Directors and all matters relating to the affairs of the organisation.

2. Application procedure to become a member of the Board of Directors

With the convocation of the GA, the possibility to apply as a member of the Board of Directors (BD) of the APEEE Service is open.

To apply you have to send an email to the Services Directorate, which will send an application form to be filled in properly. As described in the statutes.

It is imperative that the candidate submits his/her application one week before the General Assembly by submitting the completed form to the Management so that it can be distributed to the members of the association.

The candidates of the Board of Directors are asked to sign a charter of commitment as to the follow-up of the various preparatory work (reading, and request for opinion) in order to allow a good progress during the meetings of the Board of Directors.

Any application submitted after this date will not be considered by the GA.

3. Procedure for effective communication management

Any communication about a project or reflection or request for support for a project must be shared at first with the Management. This communication must be the object of a collaboration between the manager, his team and the Management Committee supervising their work in order to harmonise the different communications, both oral and written.

Charter of commitment: Commitment-Charter-of-the-candidate-to-the-Board-of-Directors.pdf (

Confidentiality agreementConfidentiality-agreement.pdf (