Administrative Board

Administrative Board supervises the management of the association. It has a general competence for management and representation of the association.

The daily management of the association is delegated to the Administrative and Financial Coordination and to the managers of the various Committees.

Administrative Board, its president, secretary and treasurer are appointed during the annual meeting of the General Assembly for a period of 2 years. Members of the Administrative Board are exclusively parents volunteers and current members of the association.

Procedure: before the annual General Assembly, the candidates wishing to be part of the Board send their application by email (using the template sent on request by the Coordination) to:

Members of the Administrative Board 2019/2020 :

President:        Zoltan Krasznai

Vice-President:    Paola Caruso

Secretary :       Georg Becker

Treasurer:        Brian Gray

Administrators :  Pere Moles-Palleja, Teresa Fernandez-Gil, Fairouz Dridi Rotenberg, Stéphanie Ressort, Véronique Lesoile, Ivo Schmidt, Rafael Papi Borderia.