Management Committees

What is a management committee for?

Every service has a management committee, whose members are parents volunteers. It helps         the manager and his team with the daily management and acts as a link with the Administrative Board.

Management committees are an intermediary decision-making body and as such make       possible the preparation of the decisions and proposals which are then submitted for the           approval of the Administrative Board.

The projects between the school and the APEEE Services are also discussed in these          committees, as the main objective of the APEEE Services is to ensure that the services             provided are in the general interest of the parents and the school.

Members of the school community (directors, teaching staff, representatives of teachers from       the three levels, students' representatives) participate in the work of the management            committees depending on the subjects that are being discussed.

Management committees meet several times a year as required.

Who can become member of these committees ?

Every parent who wishes to participate regularly in the monitoring of one or more services.

Procedure to appoint members to the CdG: At any time during the school year, the candidate sends a letter of motivation to the chosen CdG via the Director of the APEEE Services at the following address . The CdG examines it and, after deliberation within the CdG and the CA, the candidate is invited to participate as an observer in the meetings for 1 year. After this observation period, he/she is officially elected, for a renewable 2-year term, on the proposal of the CdG and after reevaluation of the candidature by the CA.

List of members of the committees

- Members of the Management Committee for Canteen: Térésa Fernandez-Gil, Ariane Bourcieu, Elisabeth Peters,Véronique Leoile.

- Members of the Management Committee for After-School Activities: Paola Caruso, President, Fairouz Dridi, Céline Lesniarek.

- Members of the Management Committee for Transport: Zoltan Krasznai-President, Ivo Schmidt et Valentina Corsetti, Eduardo Lanza .

- Members of the Berkendael Extra-Curricular Committee: Stéphanie Ressort-President, Marek Bobis,  Frosina Georgievska, Dheepa Rajan.