Functioning of the Association

This non-profit-making association employs several people for daily management of services.

Each service is managed by one or two managers. They are responsible for the daily management of services and prepare budgetary estimates (contributions, salary payments to employees) in collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Coordination, while respecting the guidelines decided by the Administrative Board.

This daily work is monitored by a management committee, composed of parents members and guests, who are invited in relation to specific items on the agenda (see management committees).

Coordination ensures the administrative monitoring of the association on the global legal   (follow up of the non-profit-making organisations, rights and obligations) and administrative (insurance, banks, Securex, site…) level to achieve harmonisation while respecting specific nature of each of the services.

On the financial level: monitoring of the accounts of each of the services and the presentation of consolidated accounts.

Coordination also acts as a link between the Administrative Board of the association and the managers.

Organisation chart of the different services

Canteen Service is managed by Mr Dillen who is responsible for 2 chefs de cuisine, 2 employees and 5 workers who perform different tasks: kitchen (production level) or service (cafeteria, sale of tickets).

After-School Activities, and After-School Care Centre  Service is managed by two managers, Mr Rizzo and Ms Récalde with assistants Mme Chacun and M.Hennequin,  It employs around 40 supervisors on a part-time basis and on a variety of contracts: employee, self-employed or volunteer.


Transport Service is managed by Mr Herinckx with help from 3 part-time assistants: Ms De Costre, Ms Laurent, Ms Moraitis and Mr.Sehbi . . Bus supervisors are either students (student's contract) or part-time staff with contract ALE, workers or employees.