Who Are We ?

At the beginning of the 2012/2013 school year, two non-profit associations (APEEE and APEEE SERVICES) replaced the four previous structures (APEEE, CESAME, CANTEEN, TRANSPORT).

The services (CESAME, CANTEEN and TRANSPORT) managed by the not for profit APEEE SERVICES represent a turnover of more than 5 million Euros, 15 salaries, 2,300 meals per day, 50 school buses and around 50 adults involved in the extra-curricular activities.

Thanks to the dedication of around 10 volunteer parents, and to the professionalism and experience of its personnel, as well as the administrative and financial coordinator who ensures the link between the parents and personnel, the parents association manages a small business whose smooth running and good financial management are essential for the children, their parents and the life of the school.

The management of such an enterprise requires a disciplined approach, taking into account the considerable finances involved and the number of salaries concerned. Moreover, the parents, but also the European institutions who are responsible for items such as transport subscriptions, demand the utmost transparency in the way in which the fees are set.