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N.B.: Please take a look at the daily schedules on a weekly basis, they are frequently updated.

Service Transport

Find out more about the organisation of the Transport Service HERE.


To register your child to the Transport Service, click here.

The APEEE Transport Service is a service offered by and for families who are members of the APEEE.

By registering your child for this service, you agree to become a member of the APEEE Association and to pay the annual subscription.

N.B.: If you do not pay the subscription to the APEEE, your child's subscription to the Transport Service will be cancelled.

N.B.: For students already registered and whose payments are in order, their registration will be automatically repeated for the following school year (except for 7th grade students). You will receive an email about this at the end of the school year. If you wish to cancel or modify your order for the following year, you must IMPERATIVELY do so on our online registration site within the time allowed.


Payments are made in three instalments, for the following periods:

  • From September to the end of December
  • From January to Easter
  • From Easter to the end of the school year

For those who have to pay, you will receive a payment request by email, containing a structured communication (do not make payment until you receive this request):

- For each period (September, January, and April).

- For each of your children

N.B.: Please respect the payment deadlines. If no action is taken after our second and final recall, we will be obliged to cancel your child's access to transportation.

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See document: General Regulations 2019