What is the Asbl APEEE Services Transport? Is the Transport managed by the School?

The APEEE is made up of two non-profit organisation: APEEE and APEEE Services.

The APEEE Services takes over the various services offered to parents : Transport, Cantine, CESAME, etc.

The work of the Transport team is monitored by a Management Committee composed of parent members, the Transport staff on the one hand, and occasional guests (Direction, teachers, etc.) on the other hand,  depending on the subjects on the agenda.

These services are not offered by the school, and are therefore not managed by the school.


Is there a bus card for pupils?

Yes. Every child receives a bus card after All Saints holidays.

For your information :

You are asked to give back your child’s bus card :

  • In case of a move or permanent change (in order to make a new one).
  • In case of cancellation.

My child has lost his bus card, what do I have to do?

Pass by the Transport service office, during opening hours (8H30 – 15H15), with 2.50€ and an ID picture.

My child has not received his/her bus card, what do I have to do?

Bus cards are distributed directly in the bus.

If your child was absent this day, he/she will received it on next occasion.

Sometimes a child’s bus card is not created due to a lack of data or photos.

In both case, we will ask you for complete data or an ID photo.

You can also send us those directly by email.



My child exceptionally changes bus, what do I have to do?

  1. Notify us by email.
  2. With a note in your child’s agenda, he or she can come to our permanency during the morning pause, on the 1st floor of Erasme Building, in front of the secretariat ;
  3. [Or] Come to our offices during opening hours (8H30 – 15h15).

              Rappel : Any request must be made no later than 2 days before.

My child goes to an activity and must change bus, what do I have to do?

  • When registering : please indicate in “comments”, the day, address or  bus number, and the bus stop to which your child must go.
  • If the activity starts later in the year : let us know the day, address or bus number, and/or the friend with whom your chils is going, by email.


How many different buses can my child take per week?

Transport service offers a bus service for your children to get from home to school and from school to home or kindergarten.

It is not a “tailor-made” service.

We therefore only accept a maximum of 2 changes.

I move, what do I have to do?

For administrative, security and management reasons, any move must be notified to the Transport at least 15 days before.

My child is registered at a garderie but I want him to come back home one or several days per week, what do I have to do?

A child going to a garderie can go home :

  • In the case where the request was made at the time of the child’s registration in the “comments” section.
  • Or exceptionally : if you indicate it in its agenda and contact the Transport Office by email.


What do I have to do if there is no bus stop near my home address?

Whenregistering, if you do not find a bus stop near your home, please indicate it in “comments”.

The Transport service will analyse your request and inform you if it is receivable.

Which communes are served?

ALSEMBERG*                                            ANDERLECHT*

AUDERGHEM                                             BEERSEL


BRUXELLES                                               ETTERBEEK

EVERE                                                          FOREST

HOEILAART*                                              IXELLES

GENVAL*                                                      KRAAINEM*

LA HULPE                                                LINKEBEEK

LOT*                                                              MOLENBEEK

OHAIN                                                        OVERIJSE

RHODE-SAINT-GENESE                          RIXENSART*

SAINT-GILLES                                            SAINT-JOSSE

SCHAERBEEK                                            SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW*

STERREBEEK*                                           TERVUREN

UCCLE                                                           WATERMAEL-BOITSFORT

WATERLOO                                                  WEZEMBEEK-OPPEM



* Communes partially served !

Where can I find the routes and the timetables of buses?

Since the attacks of 2015 and 2016, bus routes and schedules are protected.

Are you new and want to know the nearest stop to your home?

You are parents, members of the APEEE, whose child’s already registered in the transport service, and you wish to access bus routes and schedules?

Please Contact us.

Can my child take a different bus in the morning and in the afternoon?

It is not possible to take a different bus in the morning and in the evening, except if the child has to go to a garderie.

-> See : FAQS / Bus Changes / How many different buses can my child take per week?


How much is the transport fee?

For 2021-2022, the annual fee is of 1700€ payable in 3 times :

  • 710€ 1st term
  • 570€ 2nd term
  • 420€ 3rd term

Are there different sort of subscription? If yes, what are they?

(Update 22/09/2021) There are two types of subscriptions :

  1. Full price: bus to/from home (even if only a few days a week and/or only in the morning or afternoon)
  2. Half price: if only the afternoon daycare bus service is used

Who must pay?

  • All parents whose children are in kindergarten.
  • For primary and secondary students : parents who do not work as officials for a European institution.

I am a European functionary, what do I have to do?

You are : contract agents, temporary agents, European Commission and EEAS officials ?

Your child(ren) attending the primary or secondary school ?

  • You must submit, for each year, at the beginning of the academic year, a school declaration for your  child(ren) on SYSPER 2/EEAS, in order to be able to benefit from the Commission/EEAS’s coverage of the Transport subscription.

Your child(ren) attending the kindergarten school ?

  • The Transport subscription will be at your charge (regardless of your status).

Is it possible to cancel a registration during the year?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a registration during the year.

Any request for cancellation must be made by email.

Attention : The end of the subscription, as well as the possible refund on a pro rata basis, will only be taken in account on the date of receipt of the email.


I change of institution, do I have to inform the Transport?

Any change of institution and/or status must be told to the Transport as soon as possible by email.


Why is it so important to communicate all my phone data?

It is imperative for us to have as many phone numbers as possible (home phone, profesional, mobile) in order to reach you at any time :

  • In case of need or emergency if your child has missed the bus, is not on the right bus, no one is present at the stop to pick your child, etc. ;
  • To warn you of potential bus incidents or delays.

Attention : These must be Belgian phone numbers = +32 xxxxxxxxx.


My child’s bus is late, what can I do?

If the event of a bus delay :

Uccle : 02/374.70.46

Berkendael : 02/340.14.85

The Transport staff will call the driver to find out exactly where the bus is and what is happening. He/She will contact you as soon as possible.

My child has missed his/her bus at the school, what happens then?

  • For primary and kindergarten : parents will have to pick up the child at the Transport Office.
  • For secondary students : after contacting the parent and with the parent’s agreement, the child, if allowed to get off the bus alone, will be directed to another bus that will bring him/her closer to his/her destination. If the child does not have authorisation, the parent will have to pick up their child at the Tranport Office.


My child took the wrong bus, what happens then?

After being notified by the supervisor and/or the driver, the Transport staff calls the parents and an arrangement is made.

The person coming to take my child cannot be at the bus stop, what happens?

  1. You advice us as soon as possible and tell us if their will be someone to replace you. If not, we will agree on one of the alternatives *.
  2.  The bus arrives at the bus stop and there is no one to pick up the child who is not allowed to get off the bus alone, the driver and/or the supervisor calls the Transport office.

*The Transport staff can reach the parents :

  • Either the person arrives quickly (within 2 minutes), the bus waits.
  • Either the person cannot be at the bus stop: a meeting point is arranged by mutual consent.

*If the Transport is unable to reach the parents :

  • The bus continues its tour with the child while the Transport team continues to try to reach the parents (gsm + tel + mail + text message)
  • If it is impossible to reach the parents, the bus brings the child back to school.

The child will only be handed over to the Police Satation as a last resort.



When and how to register for the Transport? When to renew my registration?

You are new ?

Registration can be done via the APEEE’s registration Website.

Registration can be made during all the school year.

You want to renew your registration ?

Reregistration period opens at the end of each school year: from MAI to JUNE. Registered parents will receive a reminder for this purpose.

During this period, the parents must IMPERATIVELY check their data and are bound to confirm their registration for next school year : contact details, future move and address, etc.

Updating your data enables to organize and insure a transport service that responds as mush as possible to your expectations from the start of  the school year.

What to do in case of shared custody?

In case of shared custody, each parent has to create his/her profile and the profile of the other parent.

Then, from each profile, an order for your child has to be created indicating to which parent the order is dedicated (address, payment,…).

Only one of the two orders will be charged and “being processed”. The second one will give us necessary additional information.

Can I give my child the authorization of leaving the bus alone?

As a rule : the Transport refuses to give the authorization to pupils from kindergarten and 1st primary.

From 2nd primary : parents are allowed to give their authorization.

From 2nd secondary : the Transport automatically gives the authorization to pupils to leave the bus alone.

If you wish to give your authorization, please contact us.

My order’s status is “pending”, what does it mean?

Any created order’s status is automatically “pending”.

If you asked for your registration to start later, your order will stay “pending” until the day indicated.

My order’s status is “being processed”, what does it mean?

From June to August, the Transport team analyse all the registrations.

When your order has been analysed, its status becomes « being processed ».

Note that, it is important, that the data within your orders should be correct and updated.

Indeed, bus lines and schedules will be define on basis of the collected data.

For later registrations, they will also be analysed and in « being processed » status.

They will be accepted/confirmed in regards of the possibilities and bus lines of the current school year.

We will get in contact with you.

My order’s status is « processed », what does it mean?

Around end of August, based on the registrations and the data collected, all the routes are created and all the registered students refered to their bus.

The datas collected in your orders have therefore been processed.

The Transport service changes your status to “processed”.

Please check your transport orders to ensure yourself of your child/children’s bus routes and schedules so to ensure a successful start to the new school year.

My order’s status is “accepted “, what does it mean?

When the Transport receives your payment, your order’s status automatically becomes « accepted ».

All is in order.


Are there surpervisor(s) in the bus?

In Uccle, due to the large number of buses:

  • For daily buses (1 to 55), students in S5, S6 and S7 insure the surveillance in the buses (from 1 up to 3 surveillant/bus).
  • Each kindergarten bus has an adult supervisor.

In Berkendael, due to the small number of buses, and having no high school students, each bus has an adult supervisor.

Do I have to inform the Transport office if my child does not take the bus?

Due to the number of children, we only check the children on the buses buses.

If your child is the only one at the bus stop or if it is a long-term absence, please inform the Transport office.


How long before do I have to be at the bus stop?

You must be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the official timetable.

My child is not registered at the transport but has to take the bus, what do I have to do?

You have to buy a bus ticket worth 5€:

  1. During the permanency during the morning pause, on the 1st floor of Erasme Building, in front of the primary secretariat ;
  2. In our offices during opening hours (8H30 – 15H15).

If this is done by your child, he/she has to have a written note and be signed by a parent.

Attention :  only 2 tickets/month.