Uccle - Horaires bus quotidien - du 20 juin 2022 au 30 juin 2022

Chers parents

Les secondaires n'ayant plus cours à partir du 20 juin, les lignes de bus sont adaptées afin d'éviter d'avoir des bus qui roulent à vide ou presque.

Chaque enfant va recevoir cette semaine, via son professeur, un document qui informe des (éventuels) changements qui le/la concerne pour cette fin d'année. Vous pouvez également retrouver cette information sur notre page sécurisée: Site Uccle/Horaires bus quotidien. Si vous ne souvenez pas/plus du mot de passe d'accès général, merci de prendre contact avec le service par email: 

! Quelques points d'attention:

  1. Merci de noter que ces modifications ne se reflètent pas sur votre commande dans votre compte. En cas de doute, veuillez contacter le service transport par mail:
  2. Merci de noter que le service Transport essaie d'assurer une surveillance dans tous les bus mais ne peut le garantir, nous vous demandons dès lors d'être particulièrement attentifs à nous notifier toute modification pour votre enfant (prend ou pas le bus, prend un autre bus, est repris par une autre personne,...) et à vous assurer d'être bien à l'heure aux arrêts (c-à-d 5 minutes avant l'horaire proposé ci-dessous).
  3. Pas de changements pour les bus garderies
  4. Le jeudi 30/06/2022, l'horaire sera celui du mercredi.

Merci pour votre collaboration.

Dernière mise à jour: 14/06/2022


Delayed bus UCCLE this wednesday 8/06 noon

Due to the weather, there is a lot of traffic around the school and the buses left late.

Thank you for your understanding.

Last update: 08/06/2022


National strike

A national strike has been announced for this Tuesday 31/05. The EEB1 Uccle-Berkendael school bus service will run.

For buses with adult supervisors we cannot guarantee their presence on tomorrow's rounds. Moreover, problems cannot be excluded (delays, blocked buses,...). The service will try to inform you (by sms) as soon as possible about possible problems.

Thank you for your understanding.

Last update: 30/05/2022


Wearing a mask

Following the CODECO of Friday 20 May, the wearing of masks is no longer compulsory on our buses. Adults and students who wish to do so can of course continue to wear them on their own initiative.

Last update: 30/05/2022


Police control

Dear parents,

At the initiative of the transport service of the APEEE Services and in collaboration with the European School Brussels 1, we would like to inform you that the police service of the city of Brussels intends to proceed to a control of school buses within our establishment on this Thursday 12 May 2022. It is a preventive and regular control procedure.

The EEB 1 and the APEEE Transport team thank you for your understanding.

Last update: 12/05/2022


The 10 golden rules on the bus

Every year, the transport service team used to go in each kindergarten and primary class in Uccle and Berkendael to explain to the new children and remind the old ones the main rules of safety and behavior to adopt in the bus.

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, these sessions have unfortunately not been able to be organized anymore and the children are therefore not aware of these rules. We hope that the sessions can be organized again next school year. In the meantime, we are counting on the kind help of all parents to spread the word. You will find here an infographic of the 10 golden rules to explain to your children.

Last update: 05/04/2022


COVID rules

The COVID rules are becoming lighter, but some of them still apply. Here is an update:

  1.  The wearing of a mask remains compulsory on school buses for pupils from S1 to S7 and adults. Younger children who wish to do so may of course continue to wear them.
  2.  Automatic hand disinfection before boarding the bus is no longer compulsory.
  3.  Children can again choose where they want to sit.
  4.  Occasional requests to change buses are again permitted. We remind you that they must be requested by email to for Uccle and for Berkendael at least 48 hours in advance and that you must have received a favourable response from the service before confirming the change to your child and his/her teacher if necessary.
  5.  Getting on and off the bus will be done through the front door again (it may take a few days for this to be 100% effective)

Last update: 07/03/2022


Parent information session - presentation slides

On 3 March, a virtual information session on the transport service and its projects took place. This information session was open to everyone.

You will find HERE the slide that was presented during this information session.

Last update: 07/03/2022


Storm Eunice - useful information

Due to the weather and more difficult traffic conditions, buses will leave school at 4.00pm as usual but will certainly be delayed.

Where possible, the service will keep you informed of any delays via text message.

Please call us (02/374.70.46) only in case if emergency!

Have a nice holiday!


One number to contact us!

Since Friday 1/10/2021, the transport department has a single contact number. It is:

+32 (0)2 374 70 46

To reach the Uccle office you will have to dial 1 and to reach the Berkendael office 2.

We hope that this simplification will make your exhanges with our service more fluid.

Last update: 04/10/2021


Bus delays in Uccle this Tuesday 14/09

update 16h45

Dear parents,

Following a major accident on the Brussels ring road this Tuesday afternoon, several buses were very late arriving at the school site and therefore leaving for home.

At this time, 16:47, all buses have left.

Thank you for your patience !

Please also avoid calling us to avoid saturating the phone line and look at the updates on our website.

Last update: 14/09/2021


Technical problem on the Berkendael telephone line

Due to a technical problem, the transport service (Berkendael site) can be reached on the following telephone number: 02 347 55 43

We are doing our best to get the general line back in service as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding

Last update: 01/09/2021


Zero emission buses

Dear parents ,

We are writing to you about the survey on electric buses. First of all we would like to thank you for your participation in this survey.

We have taken care to answer your questions and comments, you will find

  • the results of the survey
  • the answers to the main questions raised
  • the follow-up of the electric bus project for 2021/2022
  • the perspectives for the years to come


We wish you an excellent summer and look forward to seeing you in September.

Last update: 08/07/2021


FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Looking for an answer? Welcome to our FAQs!

Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us here for Uccle , or here for Berkendael.