CONSEQUENCES OF STRIKES ON 15/12/2014 (04/12/2014)

Dear parents,

Owing to the strikes on 15th December 2014, we have been forced to make the following decisions:

  • No transport service
  • No canteen service. Please provide a picnic for your children if they are coming to school.
  • No extra-curricular activities
  • No locker service

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,
Gilbert Luciani
President APEEE Services

School communication:

2014 12 04 Note aux parents Grèves décembre 2014 FR
2014 12 04 Message about strikes December 2014 EN
2014 12 04 Mitteilung Streiks Dezember 2014 DE

Lettre aux parents greve 2014 12 15 EN




Registration for APEEE and for transport, canteen, lockers and Césame's after-school care on Friday afternoon is opened.

More information : Registrations 2013-2014