Dear Parents,

As you may know, a new system of seating arrangements in the Primary School Canteen has been introduced since the start of the new school year 2013 for pupils in classes P2 to P5. The new measures have been devised as a result of discussions with a number of people involved, particularly with the representative of the Primary School teachers. The aim of the new measures has been to streamline the current Canteen service and reduce waste, which was enormous under the previous system.

The children will continue to enter the dining room in the Van Houtte Building as they did before, i.e. with their teacher. However, under the new system, the refectory will be divided into four sections, one for each year group (from P2 to P5)). The children will therefore have to sit with their class at the first table where seating is available. As soon as they are seated, pupils will be presented with a plate or/and a bowl, on days when soup is served. We will make sure that the food is kept warm during this time and served hot.

As with all new measures and changes, we have had to allow for a period of adjustment, while the pupils and service staff adapt to the new arrangements. We are aware that a few difficulties have come about during the early days of the new system and  much to our regrets we acknowledge that the service has not been at its best during the first two weeks of school.

Since then a few adjustments to the new system have been made, with satisfactory results felt since the beginning of last week.  We will continue to remain attentive to teachers’ comments. In this respect, please let us know if your children still have any comments or concerns that they would like to raise.

The Canteen team.


The Canteen committee is currently trying to assess the use of the School Canteen and how we can make improvements to the quality of the food, service and choice on offer.

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