All extracurricular activities, excluding garderies, are suspended until further notice.


The extracurricular activities in Berkendael are organised by parents of the APEEE Services and children’s enrolment is subject to payment of the APEEE annual fee (50 euros).

Please consult our program of extracurricular activities for the year 2019-2020 (program 2020 -2021 upcoming)

Contact person: Mrs. Aurélie Van Tilt and Mrs Céline Chacun on 0472.07.35.25 or

Terms and Conditions_2020-2021


AFTER SCHOOL CHILD CARE is open every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 15h00 to 17h00 for children who are not eligible for OIB daycare. Registration for one hour is possible if you wish to register your child for an extra-curricular activity (our team will organise of the transit of the children to the daycare > activity > daycare).

ACTIVE are our Friday afternoon activities for kindergartens  not eligible for the OIB daycare who take the bus at 15H00 or who are waiting for an older brother or sister who is in primary school.  After the daycare, it is possible to register your child for an extracurricular activity from 15h00 to 16h00, in which case the parents will have to pick up the child at the meeting point at 16h00.


The transport office is open every day from 8H15 to 8H45 and from 14H15 to 15H30; except Wednesdays from 10H45 to 12H15.

Contact: until 17H45 except Wednesdays until 14H15 at 02 340 14 85 or by E-mail: