The extracurricular activities in Berkendael are organised by parents of the APEEE Services and children’s enrolment is subject to payment of the APEEE annual fee (50 euros).

Contact person: Mrs. Aurélie Van Tilt and Mrs Céline Chacun on 0472.07.35.25 or on 0470 01 96 97 or periscolaire.berkendael@uccleparents.org

Our terms and conditions have been updated, please consult  : Terms and Conditions_2021-2022


The transport office is open every day from 8H15 to 8H45 and from 14H15 to 15H30; except Wednesdays from 10H45 to 12H15.

Contact: until 17H45 except Wednesdays until 14H15 at 02 340 14 85 or by E-mail: transport.berkendael@uccleparents.org