The APEEE Services extracurricular team, in close collaboration with EEB1 Berkendael, offers a wide range of quality activities to children in kindergarten and primary school. The aim is to offer a range of activities in a friendly and fun environment, to enrich the lives of the children in our school by exploring languages, arts, sports, etc.


The Berkendael extracurricular team works in close collaboration with the school. The school, within the limits of its possibilities and existing structures, after the general organization of its schedules, allows us to occupy certain rooms: classrooms, gymnasiums, art rooms. The number of rooms at our disposal determines the choice of activities and their distribution during the week. Each year, we make the most of the available rooms.


The criteria for selecting activities are :

  • A specific request
  • The educational and/or attractive nature of the activity
  • The maintenance of activities that work well
  • The will to set up activities that are very successful in other structures.
  • The activities are not an "apprenticeship", even if some of them require some training (e.g. music).

The level of requirement and competence of each activity allows the child to evolve in the discipline he or she has chosen.


They are chosen from an existing team that has proven itself. We also receive unsolicited applications and recruit new teachers from other schools and organizations that organize recreational activities for children.

Teachers are selected based on :

  • Their technical skills
  • Training and work experience
  • Their ability to lead a group
  • Their availability
  • Our needs

They are French, English, German, etc. Except in exceptional circumstances, an absent teacher is replaced on the day of his/her absence.


Start of activities: October 4, 2021

End of activities: June 17, 2022

Total number of weeks with extracurricular activities: 30

The extracurricular activities take place after school:

- Mondays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (piano until 6:00 pm)

- Tuesdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (guitar until 5:00 pm and piano until 6:00 pm)

- Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (guitar and piano until 6:00 pm)

- Fridays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (guitar until 5:00 pm and piano until 6:00 pm)


Registration for extracurricular activities is done via the online registration site.

Each year, registration on the online registration site opens in September. The exact date is communicated by email and on our website.

Activities for students are organized by age group:

  • for children M1 & M2
  • for children P1-P3
  • for children P4-P5
  • All levels

The number of children per language class is limited to 10 children. The number of children for the kindergarten groups is limited to 10. For sports activities at both levels, the number of children per class is limited to 15. Classes can also be organized according to the level of prior knowledge of the students, separating beginners and advanced level for a particular activity (e.g. languages).

A child's request to continue an activity already taken during a semester or a year is legitimate, as is a child's request for an introduction.

Depending on the possibilities, an activity will be duplicated; children and parents will be informed.

Parents will receive a request for payment by email for the activities their child(ren) are accepted for.
Elementary school teachers receive a list of all the names of the students registered and the activities to which they have been accepted for their class.

Changes in activity choices will be accepted at no charge prior to the start of the activity. Once the activities have started, only one change of activity will be accepted and charged at 10.00 euros.

Before the beginning of the activities: the cancellation is accepted without charge;
During the first 2 sessions of participation in 1 activity: the cancellation will be charged 20.00 euro if the information is communicated to us, at the latest, within 3 days after the 2nd session. After this period, the full  fee will be due, except if motivated by a medical certificate. In this case, the number of sessions attended is due.


Payment is due no later than 2 weeks after confirmation of registration.
After 2 reminders, the amount of the fee will be increased by an administrative fee of 15,00 euros and the participation of the child in the activities will be suspended until the full payment of the fee.

In the event of non-payment of a subscription for one of the services, the account of the family concerned will be blocked from the week preceding the renewal of the transport  (generally the first week of June). The account will remain blocked and parents will not be able to register their children for the following school year until they have settled their payments


School teachers receive the following information

  • the list of registered students
  • the location of appointments
  • appointment times

The counselors receive the list of their students and welcome them.

  • Appointments are scheduled throughout the year in the lobby of Building A.
  • Signs representing the activity are posted to facilitate the distribution of registered children.
  • The activity leader greets the children under the sign.

For activities starting at 3:00 pm: school teachers take the children to a designated meeting point, where they are picked up by the extracurricular activities coordinators. The after-school coordinators and animators are not responsible for children who have been mistakenly sent to the OIB daycare or put on the bus. Parents are responsible for informing the teachers of their children's extracurricular activities via the agenda and nametags. After the activity ends, the staff will escort the children to the OIB daycare or to the meeting point.

For activities that begin at 4:00 pm: the extracurricular teachers gather the children from the OIB daycare, with the help of the coordinators if necessary, and after the end of class, bring them back to the OIB daycare or to the meeting point. The After-School Coordinators work closely with the teachers and OIB staff to ensure the smooth transfer of the children.