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The Self-service system at the Van Houtte cantine is about to open!

After two very busy summer months, our newly refurbished School canteen is almost ready to open its doors. We are very pleased to be able to offer to our school community this new space and overall new organisation.
As an exception, and due to the last ajustments and verifications, the canteen will only start its services on Monday the 7th of September. We apologize for the inconvenience and we do hope you understand.

A Real lunch test is being organized for pupils of 2nd and 3rd years of Primary enrolled at the canteen, on Thursday the 3rd of September.

Please take note
no canteen (Uccle and Berkendael) nor cafeteria:

  • Wednesday 2nd of September (only "garderie" children are concerned)
  • Thursday 3rd of September (exception for the 2nd and 3rd primary that'll do the test)
  • Friday 4th of September.

Don't forget to provide home meals for your kids on these two days!

On Monday the 7th of September
the canteen and the cafeterias will open their doors.

For your information: this will be the actual organization at the canteen under the new system:

P2 - P3

P4 - P5

Extra curricular activities Prim

S1 - S6 - S7

S2 - 3 (6-7)

S4 (6-7)

S5 (6-7)

and 11.50
and 12.15
and 12.25
and 12.45
and 13.00
and 13.30
and 13.40

More information about our new self-service is available on the canteen pages.
Please consult also the new rules of the canteen here.

Note: the canteen enrolment for this school year hasn't taken into account the 3rd and the 4th of September.


The Canteen Committee and APEEE Services are pleased to announce… our newly refurbished School Canteen in the Van Houtte building, with the inauguration of a brand new self-service system from P2 upwards as of September 2015.

The Canteen team has been busy preparing for this new challenge for the past few months. It entails a complete reorganisation of the Canteen staff and the way the Canteen is run. With new equipment in place, the staff will be able to run the kitchen more efficiently and ensure that even fresher food reaches the children’s plates.

In practice, food will be prepared non-stop and served directly, ensuring better quality of the food in terms of nutrition, texture, taste and how it looks!



There will be a few changes that will come about under the new system:

- instead of the three services we have at the moment, the children will arrive at the Canteen in six waves.

- The school will do its utmost to ensure that the system runs as smoothly as possible.

- The activities run by CESAME will not be affected.


Children from the Primary School will continue to come to the Van Houtte as they do now, with their class teacher.


Secondary school children will have access to the Canteen during the new time-slots they will be given, using their ‘key fob’ or buying the occasional canteen ticket. This new flexibility means that pupils can go straight to the Canteen as soon as the lunch bell rings or go via their locker before going to eat, confident that there’ll still be a choice of food when they get there. Greater flexibility and versatility in terms of time management for the older children, is what we hope will be just one of the results of this change.



The new self-service Canteen will have a choice of 3 starters and 2 desserts, as well as a soup and a second choice of main course. This will open up new possibilities in terms of the healthier dishes we can offer in the Canteen. Three Salad Bars will also have a range of crudités, pulses etc. on offer at every meal.

The portions will be calculated according to the children’s ages. This means that Secondary School children will be able to help themselves to seconds if they wish, and continue to add to their meal, as they can do now, with a selection of raw vegetables from any of the Salad Bars. We’re expecting a significant reduction in waste overall.

In time and after a period of adaptation, we hope to reduce the stress and noise levels generated by our current system, without the time required between services to clean and clear the tables, and with fewer pupils in the Canteen at any one time.

The work that will be needed to carry out these changes will be done during the summer holidays, with the new system expected to be up and running from the start of the new school year in September 2015.

We are convinced that the new system will allow us to serve fresher and better quality food, using less processed foods and with a greater variety and, in time, include more organic food.




This week, the children will receive very special oranges at the canteen.

We just started a farm-to-school agreement with a Sicilian farm organization, the Galline Felici.  This is a way to have tastier and healthier products, fresher, organic and fair trade. The European Union is rich in agricultural diversity, which allows us to get a big variety of wonderful products from producers to consumers. Watch with your children the short animated film « Entre une orange et une autre… »  co-produced by the GAS (Groupes d’Achat Solidaires) and the producers, Galline Felici included. This film is part of a project which aims at raising awareness in the school population to fair trade economy.


Nouveaux produits plus sains, faits maison, fair trade. New products, more healthy, homemade and fair trade. Our two school cafeterias propose every day hot and cold sandwiches, salads, fruit, fresh soup, drinks, as well as other snacks. Since the beginning of the school year, there are some new products on offer:

  • homemade Italian sandwiches (2.5 €)
  • croque-monsieur (€ 2.20)
  • mini cakes bio (0.50 €)
  • nuts and dried fruits (1.50 €)

New drinks on offer:

  • homemade smoothies (only € 1.50)
  • sparkling water (€ 0.60)
  • Bionina lemonade (€ 1.50)
  • and a wider assortment of teas and infusions (0.60 €). 

These new products are part of our approach to provide healthier options to our students (with less sugar and healthier fats) and when possible organic and/or fair trade. In order to maintain an attractive offer and discourage students from going outside to buy their snacks, we have decided to keep offering certain products such as Coca-Cola (€ 1.20). However, the price has been increased to avoid excessive competition with organic or fair-trade usually more expensive products. Smoothies are freshly prepared with seasonal or frozen (in the case of red fruit) fruits, with our new Vitamix blender. Each month a new fresh smoothie recipe will be on offer. Please do your best to encourage your children to try these healthier products.

For the New School Year Sept 2014 (04/07/2014)

Primary School, Uccle site

  • Designated  tables for each Primary School class will make a comeback on the Uccle site as of September : We are delighted to announce the return of set tables allocated for each of the Primary classes as of this coming September. The Canteen staff and parent volunteers will be on hand to ensure that the system will be up and running from the start of term and that the system will be working even better than before!
  • Salad bar : NEW ! A buffet salad bar will be on offer to all pupils in P4 and P5 in addition to the normal menu, with a daily range of raw vegetables (crudités) and other salads, fresh vegetable soups and a vegetable of the day. Pupils will be able to help themselves to as much as they want !
  • Hot Buffet :  Pupils in P2 and P3 will also have something new for themselves at the start of school in September with a new buffet menu will be on offer, with hot fresh soups and a vegetable of the day amongst. Kids will also able to be able to help themselves to as much as they like !

For the Secondary School

  • New Access Card for the canteen : usual plastic card will be replaced by a user-friendly key fob, which will be distributed on the first day of school to all pupils registered in the canteen. The key ring will give access to the refectory, on the basis of how many your child is signed up for. Pupils will have same Key Fob for the canteen throughout their schools years, so they will have to look after it carefully !
  • Hot and Cold Buffet : In addition to the normal menu, Secondary School pupils will also have their salad bar, with plenty of raw vegetables (crudités), various salads and more sophisticated, bean, lentils and other delicious salads on offer !
  • Cafeteria : The Secondary School Cafeterias will also have their usual daily selection of hot and cold sandwiches, fruit, salads, soup, drinks and various snacks. But as of September, there will also be a new assortment with Italian sandwiches, home-made croque messieurs, mini organic cakes and dried fruits on offer. As for drinks, there will be a new range of   homemade smoothies, sparkling water, Bionina lemonade and a wide range of fresh teas.

With lots of new ideas for ensuring our children get their FIVE A DAY in daily vitamins and start the school year as they mean to go on, please take the time during the holidays to talk with your children about the new ideas on offer at their canteen !


Just a final word at the end of this School Year on the new project to set up a self-service canteen:

After the feasibility study for the Self-service project for the School Canteen was approved late last year the Self-service Working Group has been hard at work on the financing of the project and in close coordination with the school.

Right now, we are waiting for the official authorisation to be given by the Belgian Régie des Bâtiments, who own the school site. Once we receive their authorisation, we can go ahead and make a call for tenders, launch the project and start the work. We’ll keep you up to date as we go on.

The canteen team wishes you wonderful holidays!

The "salad bar" has conquered 4th and 5th year primary!

salade_bar_480_uk The pupils from 4th and 5th primary have been given the opportunity to try out our " salad bar ". They loved our selection of salads! That is why the Canteen Committee has decided to offer this new service from September, 2014 for all pupils in 4th and 5th year students subscribed to the canteen.

The salad bar is available every day - on the top of the regular menu - and consists of:

  • a selection of fresh, raw, seasonal vegetables,
  • lentils, chick peas etc.
  • seasonings (olive oil, vinegar etc.),
  • freshly made soup,
  • an assortment of seasonal fruits,
  • some bread and some milk.

This salad bar is already a very popular choice among secondary schools students.


The General Assembly of the APEEE Services accepted, during its meeting of last November 14, the feasibility study prepared by the Engineering Office Créacept and mandated :

  • this aforementioned company to prepare the call for tender,
  • an internal working group to complete the Financial plan
  • and the President of the APEEE Services to request the assistance of the School on some points.

Why build a self Projet self-service-cantine-07_11_2013 Etude de faisabilite self-service cantine Nov2013 Enquete cantine juin 2013

Message from Canteen's President about the self-service project : President's letter Self Service Nov2013 Open letter from one member of the Canteen Committee : Lettre ouverte self-service nov2013 Self service: support of the project by the secondary school: Lettre de soutien M. Studer Questions-answers... FAQ Self service Horaire self (projet)


Dear Parents,

As you may know, a new system of seating arrangements in the Primary School Canteen has been introduced since the start of the new school year 2013 for pupils in classes P2 to P5. The new measures have been devised as a result of discussions with a number of people involved, particularly with the representative of the Primary School teachers. The aim of the new measures has been to streamline the current Canteen service and reduce waste, which was enormous under the previous system.

The children will continue to enter the dining room in the Van Houtte Building as they did before, i.e. with their teacher. However, under the new system, the refectory will be divided into four sections, one for each year group (from P2 to P5)). The children will therefore have to sit with their class at the first table where seating is available. As soon as they are seated, pupils will be presented with a plate or/and a bowl, on days when soup is served. We will make sure that the food is kept warm during this time and served hot.

As with all new measures and changes, we have had to allow for a period of adjustment, while the pupils and service staff adapt to the new arrangements. We are aware that a few difficulties have come about during the early days of the new system and  much to our regrets we acknowledge that the service has not been at its best during the first two weeks of school.

Since then a few adjustments to the new system have been made, with satisfactory results felt since the beginning of last week.  We will continue to remain attentive to teachers’ comments. In this respect, please let us know if your children still have any comments or concerns that they would like to raise.

The Canteen Team.

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