The non-profit association APEEE Services - Casiers is charged by the European School of Brussels I to put lockers at the disposal of pupils attending secondary school and to manage this service. The registration and renewal of lockers is done via the computer application developed by Apeee Services.

Article 1: Rental

For a new student: registration must be done via the website, following the online registration tab.

The locker key will be distributed on the first day of school.

For students who already have a record: an automatic renewal is done annually and must be validated by the parents before the last school day preceding the school year concerned.

Article 2: Rates

The amount of a locker rental is due at the time of registration or renewal upon receipt of the payment request message sent by the locker service. In case of non-payment after two reminders, the locker will be emptied and the lock changed.

Payments are only made by bank transfer.

At the time of the first allocation of a locker, a deposit of 25€ must be paid. The payment of the rental / deposit is equivalent to the acceptance of these regulations.

Article 3: Responsibility

Students for whom a locker request is made must expressly read these rules, as well as keep themselves informed of any changes that may occur later.

A locker is assigned to a single person, who will be responsible for their locker for the duration of the rental. The sharing of a locker is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by the locker department head. A student may only use the locker assigned to him/her.

The Locker Service has the right to open the lockers at any time for repairs, maintenance or to verify that the use of the lockers is in accordance with these regulations. This will be done in a reasonable manner and with respect for the student's privacy.

The APEEE Services declines all responsibility for any theft of valuables, break-ins or accidents that may occur.

If the contents of the lockers are not removed during the summer leave and disappear, the APEEE Services cannot be held responsible. This also applies to cases that would be abandoned after a student's renunciation is reported to the person in charge of the locker service.

Article 4: Proper use of lockers

The lockers are available for students to store their school supplies and sports clothing. As part of the proper use of lockers, students should:

- keep their lockers clean and in good condition;

- do not leave perishable goods inside the lockers;

- It is imperative to empty their lockers at the end of the school year, even if they keep them;

- inform the person in charge of the lockers as soon as possible if they witness acts of vandalism, damage or theft.

Graffiti, stickers, as well as any hanging or sticking of objects outside or inside the locker, are strictly prohibited. They will be systematically punished.

Article 5: Lost keys

In case of key loss, a 10€ payment will be required for a new original key or cylinder change, if necessary. This payment will be made in cash at the Locker Services office.

Article 6: Refund of guarantee

During the school year, the deposit will be refundable on presentation of the refund form (available on under lockers) duly completed and accompanied by the key, if the key has not been given in advance to the person in charge of the Locker Service.

At the end of the school year, for students who renounce the use of a locker, and for those who leave school, the full deposit will be refunded if the refund form, as well as the original locker key, reach the locker office no later than the last school day. Otherwise, the equivalent amount may be deducted from the value of the missing key.

Article 7: Degradations

Any damage to the lockers will result in:

- Full reimbursement of repair costs;

- A possible fine, established according to the damage caused and in addition to the repair costs, could be claimed by the Locker Service;

- Suspension of the rental of a locker to the student concerned. The duration of such suspension shall be at the discretion of the Head of the Locker Department;

- Information to the education adviser and disciplinary measures adapted to the damage committed.

Any student who has damaged the furniture may be required to clean it.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules on the proper use of lockers, the APEEE Services and the Locker Service reserve the right to deprive the person or persons concerned of the use of a locker for a period to be determined by the person responsible for the Service.

Article 8: Review Procedures

As the Locker Service will conduct a thorough investigation and consult the parties concerned before any decision is taken, no appeal procedure is provided for by these regulations.

Article 9: Final Provision

The APEEE Locker Services is a service provided by and for APEEE member families.  By requesting your child's registration for this service, you agree to become a member of the APEEE, to pay the annual fee of the APEEE, and to read and respect the rules of the Locker Service.  Failure to pay the APEEE membership fee, in accordance with the decision taken at the APEEE General Assembly on 7 December 2010, will result in the cancellation of registration for the service.