How Eureka work

Collection of articles

Every Thursday a group of voluntary parents collect articles of clothing and belongings in twelve strategic places around the school, before they are brought to the Eureka building. They are then, counted, sorted and hung.


Named articles of clothing etc are written on a list, which is updated on a weekly basis. They are checked against a monthly inventory and they sorted in alphabetical order in the Eureka building. Items which are not named are sorted by the month in which they are found on the clothes hangers in the Eureka room.

Volunteers – helping the pupils find their lost items

Volunteers are on hand to help pupils find their lost clothing and belongings when they come to Eureka.

Publication of « The List »

L’APEEE sends a list of named clothing to parents, by email, according to the inventory, approximately once a monthly.

Retention of Items

Unmarked items are held by Eureka for a period of six months.
Named items are held for approximately one year.
Due to limited storage, items which are not claimed within that time limit, all unclaimed items are donated to charitable organizations.


To diversify the number of charities who can benefit from these unclaimed items, all suggestions for charitable organisations interested in children’s clothing are welcome.

Some figures

  • Approximately 60 items are collectly weekly, more than 2,600 items were collected between April 2012 and March 2013 !!!
  • Less than 20% of recovered items are named.
  •  About 4 out of 10 items collected by EUREKA are returned to their owners – this is not a good return.
  • A team of 20 parents volunteer 8 periods of two hours for the collection of items around the school, attending the Eureka building or compiling the inventory. The Thursday Eureka hours are manned by at least two parents.