Advices to parents

  1.  Please label with indelible ink or iron-on labels sports items, bags, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and jackets ; everything that a child will take off during their lunchtime breaks. Labels can become illegible after a number of washes, thus making the impossible to be returned.
  2. Please label the items in an easily found place – collar, belt, inside pocket etc…
  3. Please ask your child to look for these items in THEIR classrooms (the children change classrooms often, even in primary), in the canteen, in the swimming pool, and especially ask them to ask their bus drivers (including those who drive on Fridays) who keep these items in their bus (they do not only work for our school).
  4. Tell your children to look after their belongings, especially in Secondary School. The lockers can be also used for this. An unsupervised sports bag can quickly become a “lost” sports bag.
  5. Encourage your children to come to the Eureka building often, if they have not found their belonging on their first visit it may be because the items have not yet been sorted or found by the Eureka volunteers. The school has many has mysterious and hidden spots !
  6. If your child is a little apprehensive asking for help from the volunteers, don’t hesitate to write a note (English or French), describing the lost item, and ask your child to give this to the Eureka volunteers, who will do their best to help your child.