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Videos - Feburary 2019:
- Video of items found in February 2019: Vidéo EURÊKA Février 2019.mp4
- Video of items available at EURÊKA since July 2018: Vidéo EURËKA rappel fin cours Juillet 2018 (15.02.2019).mp4

Videos - January 2019:
- Video of the items found in January 2019, available at EURÊKA’s premises
- Video of the kindergarten items, available at the Fabiola building, next to the Canteen entrance

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All these clothes are to be got back in Eurêka, on the Uccle site.


We are still looking for volunteers: 2 hours on Thursday morning a month can be enough to offer a valuable service or 2 hours on Monday morning  for the inventory.

Please contact if you have some time to devote. Thanks.

NEWSLETTER (18/03/2015)

In French:

Ce n'est pas perdu pour tout le monde ... Eurêka mars 2015

SUMMER "COLLECTING" (15/09/2014)

During the summer, more than 600 lost items have been filed in Eureka’s room by the cleaning services, and also things from Berkendael.

Things marked with a name had been incorporated in the list that will be sent by mail after the next inventory (end of Sept), and kept 1 year.

For others, unnamed, they will be kept six months, except for gym/swimming bags, scarves, gloves, hats that will recover before the end of September 2014 (due to lack of space, they will be given after that.


To make room on the premises  before the start of the new year, garments found more than a year ago which were not claimed were given in July and September to several projects sponsored by parents or school classes:

Kikambala project in Kenya :

sponsored by Mrs Renner’s class (contribution towards the building of toilets in a school and purchase of school material such as notebooks, pencils, computer)

June 2013 :

    • gift of unclamed garments;
  • gift of 500 euros, from the EUREKA found (raised by selling as second hand items gym shorts, T-shirts and shoes with no name)

 AMPO project :

sponsored by Mme John's class 4DE (

October 2013 : gift of garments, underwear, shoes, bags, pencils and felt-tip markers, sent by container ship to orphanages in Ouagadougou

“You are thus helping orphaned children who are deserving and well educated but very needy”

For street children in Brazil :

July 2013 : gift of garments, brought by a family of EEB1 during their journey to Brazil.

Some photos : Actualité Eureka EN


Charities where unclaimed items had been given, with the help of Leïla, sport teacher in Uccle.

In Senegal, Marrocco and Brussels : News Eureka nov 2013