The extracurricular activities in Berkendael are organised by the Extracurricular Activities Working Group of  APEEE - Berkendael Working Group (Association des Parents d'Elèves des Ecoles Européennes). Children’s enrollment is subject to payment of the APEEE annual fee.

Extracurricular activities 2019-2020 will take place after school on:

Monday from 15h00 until 17h00 (piano until 18h00);
Tuesdays from 15h00 until 17h00 (guitar until 17h00 and piano until 18h00);
Thursdays from 15h00 until 17h00 (guitar and piano until 18h00);
Fridays from 12h30 until 17h00 (guitar and piano until 18h00).

The Extracurricular Activities Working Group, composed of several parents-volunteers, is looking for more volunteers who would help coordinate new classes, organise fundraising, or supervise extracurricular courses on site. If you would like to help, please indicate your interest by writing to

NEW ACTIVITIES 2019-2020 ! 

Here are the new extracurricular activities that will be added to the 2019-2020 school year program:

  • Philo Workshop (PRIM): to find out more, please consult the file Ateliers-Philo European School BERKENDAEL 2019-2020
  • Portuguese  (MAT and PRIM)
  • French (MAT and PRIM)
  • Recly'art (PRIM): The aim is to promote creation using recycled materials (fabrics, paper, plastic...) in order to stimulate children's creativity, to learn some mechanical techniques and to awaken their awareness as responsible consumers through creation as well as to give a second life to objects, rather than throwing them in the garbage. The purpose of this creative approach is to bring them to the satisfaction that manual work can bring and thus also to more confidence in itself.

Contact person: Mrs. Aurélie Van Tilt and Mrs Céline Chacun,

Choose Berkendael and then click on the small icon at the top left 'MENU'.

For further information on the extracurricular program, please consult the two documents below: