Laptops for eLearning

On-line classes and the introduction of Geogebra have demonstrated the need to equip pupils with laptops or tablets. Our school has not yet developed its own ‘bring-your-own-device’ or byod policy.

Our advice regarding laptops is to buy one with Windows 10, as Chromebook does not support the school’s Office 365 so well. Any specification of laptop will support Geogebra and the basic functions of Office 365. The more you pay, the faster and the better equipped the product will be, and we recommend 4 GB RAM and 126 GB SSD as a minimum for storage. It will be more portable if it has an 11” or maximum 13.5” screen.

The school provides Outlook 365 including Microsoft TEAMS for free. There are several free anti-virus programmes which have a good reputation, for example AVAST.

Woluwe’s APEEE has the following helpful information:
Understand GeoGebra and BYOD | Woluwe Parents - APEEE

You can find offers of lapotops for quick delivery from, Fnac, MediaMarkt and Vanden Borre, but these will all offer AZERTY keyboards. A QWERTY keyboard can be found at, or

Two suppliers have offered to us packages which are tailored for school-children, and claim the availability of keyboards for most language sections. Their prices seem competitive. However, both companies state that delivery times for most of these tailored offers are a month or more, or else for the first day of rentrée of 2021/2022.


Rent Company:
European School Brussels | The Rent Company

(Last update: 26/04/2021)