About Us


The Convention of the European Schools define the Parents’ Association as the official body for cooperation between parents and school. At EEBI, the Parents’ Association is a non-profit organisation entitled the "Association of Parents of the Students at the European School Brussels I", hereafter "APEEE".

Statutes of the APEEE (as revised in 2019 - in French only)

The APEEE informs, represents and acts on behalf of ALL EEBI parents, independently of their status as APEEE members, with the following objectives:

  • to promote the widest participation possible by parents in school life;
  • to represent parents’ pedagogical interests in the school’s decision making bodies and  with local, regional and European authorities;
  • to collaborate in finding solutions to problems which parents face regarding their children’s education;
  • to improve communication between parents and school;
  • >to participate in the prevention of disciplinary problems and risky behaviour.

The APEEE is a forum for dialogue and action open to all parents and all language sections together. We encourage parents to participate actively on the different school decision making bodies and to promote  "the families’ perspective" in a variety of pedagogical or community programmes and projects in which our children take part. The APEEE is also an important source of support to any family facing difficulties in the system.

Essentially, the APEEE works to ensure the best educational environment for our children, particularly by ensuring parents are represented with official authorities:

  • on the school’s School Advisory Council (SAC) and Administrative Board
  • on both the nursery/primary and secondary school Education Councils (CEs)
  • on the Safety and Hygiene Committee (CSH)
  • on bodies overseeing the management of the Brussels European Schools
  • as a member of INTERPARENTS it also works in close collaboration with the other European Schools to ensure that parents are represented at the highest levels of European School governance.

All parents and guardians of students attending EEBI can become APEEE members to support the APEEE and receive the attendant privileges by paying the annual fee. A large part of the fees pay for the coordination and communication carried out by the paid staff of the association’s secretariat. Only parent members may be elected as class representatives and from there as section delegates to the EEBI education councils or as members of the APEEE Board. Alternatively, members are also permitted and encouraged to participate in APEEE's topical working groups.

APEEE depends entirely on the voluntary work carried out by its active members, that is the delegates elected by parents. We encouarge you to take part!