About Us


At EEBI, we pride ourselves on our highly-inclusive parent culture. We view the Parents Association (APEEE - Association des Parents d'élèves de l'école européenne) as a forum for dialogue and action open to all parents and all language sections together. Our Board has 26 full Board Members with a large body of deputies and other representatives invited to attend. Our working groups and volunteer initiatives actively seek broad parent involvement. We encourage all parents to take part! It can be a lot of work, but it can also be incredibly absorbing, and quite fun!

As distinct from other European Schools, the APEEE is a separate and distinct AISBL from the APEEE Services ASBL, which manages the transport, canteen, extra-curricular programme, lockers, and Friday daycare--services on which most families strongly rely. This separation allows the APEEE to focus squarely on the education and school life of our children. Interested in finding out more about APEEE Services, please see the APEEE Services section of this website.

You may read more about us here:

APEEE/APEEE Services presentation flyer 2021-2022
 APEEE Cheat Sheet - 2020