Funding of Projects

In Autumn 2018 the APEEE Board approved new financial procedures for giving grants for projects.

In practice, this means that the APEEE will make a (semi-)annual call for projects from members of the school community based on a clearly articulated set of criteria. Projects will be decided on by the Board, generally based on a recommendation from the awards panel. There are also special urgent and simplified procedures.

It is hoped that these procedures will make APEEE spending more transparent and will encourage more people from across the school community to apply.

Supporting Documents

APEEE Financial Procedure to award funding on school-related projects - June 2019 (applies to awards given from September 2019)
APEEE Financial procedure to award funding on school-related projects - April 2019 (applies to awards given from April to July 2019)
APEEE Award-funding - Annex 1 - Information to be submitted by applicants
APEEE Award-funding - Annex 2 - Annual funding award calendar
APEEE Award-funding - Annex 3 - Criteria for awarding funding

In case of questions, please contact the APEEE Secretariat: