Communication Working Group

Coordinator: Kathryn MÁTHÉ

Kathryn MÁTHÉ

The APEEE Communication Working Group was formed in January 2020 to handle APEEE's communication with its broader membership. The group focuses both on the messaging to parents and on the channels used to promote two-way communication within the APEEE. It also concerns itself with the development and management of the APEEE's visual identity. In practical terms, the objectives pursued are: to communicate on what is being done by the APEEE; to disseminate information appropriately and to as many people as possible; and to contribute to the general image and influence of the APEEE.

It is likewise hoped that the Communication Group will lead to greater efficiency in the work of the APEEE and will help the APEEE better promote and align its activities--helping the Board, Secretariat and membership to work together and pool skills.

General Scope of Action: To meet the above objectives, the Communication Working Group will:

  • draft and implement an APEEE Communication Policy
  • select and develop a set of communication tools and resources
  • contribute to the organisation of events.

Participation and Working Methods: The group is made up of parents who have time and interest in the subject. Because this working group offers practical deliverables, monthly or bimonthly meetings are necessary and members work based on a commonly agreed timeline. Discussions are carried out in close collaboration with the APEEE Secretariat's Head of Communications and Information and encompass both Uccle and Berkendael. There is likewise close collaboration with the APEEE Services when appropriate.

To more easily divide up the tasks, the working group currently has three thematic subgroups which meet separately when needed:

  1. website development
  2. visual identity
  3. APEEE NewsFlash news crew

The group currently functions under the leadership of the APEEE Bureau's Secretary, Kathryn MÁTHÉ, and the APEEE Secretariat's Head of Communications and Information, Guendalina COMINOTTI. Parent Eszter RUMBOLD-MOLNÁR serves as our APEEE NewsFlash Reporter and Head Writer. If you are interested in one or more of these activities, please contact our Secretariat at:

Mandate of the APEEE's Communication Working Group (January 2022)

2021 Priorities

In 2021 the group has set itself the following tasks:

  • The development of a new visual identity: There is confusion among parents between the APEEE and the APEEE Services. For the moment, these two entities are not sufficiently distinct. The logos chosen are similar and depend on the same format and colors, which creates ambiguity.
    For this reason, the APEEE and Services are developing new logos with the help of a graphics design company. The current objective will be to finalise the "creative brief" and oversee the Board's adoption of the visual identity that is most able to reflect and promote the association. The selected graphic identity will be used on all distribution media.
  • The redesign of the APEEE website: The APEEE currently works with two websites - (a public informational site) and (an account management site allowing parents to manage their annual APEEE membership, registration and subscription to different services). They are each stand alone sites, and they are maintained and updated by two separate providers. The so-called "services" site was updated in 2018, and parents seem to use it with success. The focus therefore is on the public "information" site.
    Two tasks will be undertaken: a site redesign as well as the migration to a new website platform. The information site contains a wealth of information, but its usability can be improved. The information is not always easy to find, the organisation of items is quite complex to understand and navigation difficult. The distinction between APEEE and APEEE Services is also not clear. The content must be reviewed and clarified. In the migration phase, additional modules can also be added with, for example: in-built forms, a calendar to list upcoming events, a news feed, customised templates etc.
    The Communication Group will work on the structure and content of the website, and then select a service provider and platform solution. Consideration will also be given to the interoperability between the two websites (rethinking the links between one and the other).
  • The publication of the APEEE Newsletter: In Berkendael, there is already a well-established practice. Several people have formed an editorial committee and work regularly on the publication of a parent newsletter. In Uccle, the situation is somewhat different. Several editions of the EEBI APEEE NewsFlash have been circulated in the past: emails that the APEEE sent to the attention of parents. This communication took place sporadically according to the vagaries of the moment (depending on time, human resources, etc.). It is our hope to relaunch these publications on a regular basis. The reception given by parents has always been favorable with positive feedback, and a certain expectation has developed.
    The "communication" working group should take develop a team to develop a clear policy on the format/timing/channel and to generate regular content: define the medium and imagine the content.