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" iPad Conference" - Brussels, 14/01/2023 next conference will be in Brussels in collaboration with the associations ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium and Coeur à Corps ASBL.

As the tablets and Text to Speech and Speech to Text functionalities are now allowed in the newly updated European Schools Educational Support Policy, let’s hope many parents of DYS students will come and learn how a digital tool can help their child at school for their learning.

I will explain how the digital tablet (and more generally any IT tool) can compensate the invisible disability of DYS students.
❓How can the tablet compensate reading, spelling and handwriting difficulties?
❓ How can it help the students get organised and minimise procrastination?
❓ How can it help a dyslexic student access litterature?
❓ What is the role of teachers?
❓ How can teachers support a student on an iPad?

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Magali Netrval, VP