Used Textbook Sale

Volunteer parents organise a second-hand book sale for secondary students in June (and sometimes September) each year under the aegis of the APEEE. In pursuit of this work, book sale teams work closely with the school to ensure that secondary book lists are published by mid-June each year, and when possible help to ensure that the lists are accurate and up to date. Each language section is charged with organising its own stand.

Note: the used textbook sale has not been organised in June and September 2020 due to the limited access of parents and pupils. The teams hope to resume their work by end of year.

English Section: EN section volunteers are proud of our long-standing secondary book sale service, giving parents and students the opportunity to clear out their old schoolbooks and find relevant new ones at reasonable costs. We have developed a payment-slip system which allows families to receive the standard sale price for their books--if/when they sell--while also contributing a small amount to the school library. A win-win situation! Our sale generally involves numerous helpers who enjoy the opportunity to hang out on the school grounds and speak to students and other families. We organise sales every June and we also try to set up a follow-up sale for one or two days in September for the newcomers. The English book sale is always looking for volunteers!

French Section: The sale of second-hand textbooks takes place every year over four half-days at the end of June or beginning of July. An additional half-day at the beginning of the school year also allows new secondary students to have access to the book sale, and gives us a chance to pay the sellers whose books sold. We have also enjoyed a close working relationship with the secondary school direction team. The basic concept: each student can bring their old books if they are on the new list. They are then offered for sale at 50% of the Amazon price (money later paid to the seller) plus 1 EUR for the benefit of the school's libraries.
Note: after six years of commitment to the FR book sale, the FR section team is looking to hand over the enterprise to other volunteer parents. We are therefore actively looking for volunteers willing to take over the next edition. The new organisers will of course be able to count on our help for the transition.

Spanish Section: The Spanish book exchange of used primary and secondary textbooks has been running for four years as a free exchange. In the recent editions, the exchange has suffered from a lack of interest. The exchange also includes L2 and L3 books and dictionaries, maps, novels, and more...

Italian Section: The Italian book sale has been running for several years at the end of June and beginning of September. Interest continues to grow, with around 140 books sold at its last edition. Sales are weaker in S1-S3, suggesting that promotion to these levels needs to improve, while sales in S4-S6 remain strong. Our team has established a good working relationship with our IT teachers who send new students directly to the book sale to get their books at the beginning of the school year. The IT section team also serves as a useful reference point for those newly arrived at the school. The team depends on a group of friendly parent volunteers who come to help us at the stand but also on the families who contribute their books to the sale. With an extra contribution of 1 EUR per book, we have been able to offer the library a set of small dictionaries for L3 Italian students and other beginners.

If you would be interested in volunteering to work on one of the existing teams or you would like to organise a stand for your section, please contact the APEEE Secretariat: