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Sommercamp in Deutschland: Lernen und Erlebnisse (08/04/2024)

Sehr geehrte Eltern,

In den anstehenden Sommerferien organisieren wir ein Sommercamp im Schwarzwald, bei dem wir das Lernen in verschiedenen Fächern (Deutsch, Lernmethodik, Mathematik, Englisch, Latein, Französisch) mit zahlreichen Erlebnissen verbinden. Hier sind alle Schülerinnen und Schüler ab der 6. Klasse herzlich eingeladen.

Für unsere internationalen Teilnehmenden, für die Deutsch eine Fremdsprache ist, bietet unser Sommercamp eine wertvolle Gelegenheit, Deutsch in Deutschland zusammen mit anderen Jugendlichen - aus Deutschland und aus aller Welt - zu lernen und die Kultur zu erleben. Diese Teilnehmenden werden dann am Vormittag im Fach „Deutsch als Fremdsprache“ von ausgebildeten Lehrkräften unterrichtet und verbringen den restlichen Tag mit allen anderen deutschen Schülerinnen und Schülern.

Im Anhang finden Sie unseren informativen Flyer zur Weiterleitung an die Eltern (in deutscher sowie in englischer Sprache) sowie hier den Link zur Homepage:


Learn English in Malta - English Language School - Maltalingua (in English only)

Dear Parents,

I am an ex-student of the EEB1 school.  I am contacting to let you know that I now work at an English Language School in Malta as a student registrar for the French & Spanish market. I am aware that new students might need to improve their English in order to follow their classes taught in L2 English (History, Geography or even English class itself).

We have an amazing junior program for Kids (8-12) & Teens (13-17) from 2 October until 5 November 2023. You might be aware of some parents looking for such offer for the upcoming school holidays, or student that would benefit from extra English lessons. Our Maltalingua School has an excellent reputation, and the island itself offers a perfect environment to enjoy the rest of the day during the holidays. I would be very happy to give you more details about what we offer.

Don't hesitate to reach out,

Alexandre Johnson


Maltalingua is offering you an exciting Autumn Junior programme. Join us at any time from 30/09/2023 to 05/11/2023 for an unforgettable learning experience.
Here’s what we can have in store for you:

  • Lessons with native teachers 
  • IWBs in all classrooms
  • National Geographic syllabus
  • Family programme in the same school
  • 4-star comfortable accommodation

The price includes:

  • English course
  • 4-star accommodation
  • Full activities
  • Airport transfer
  • No registration fee
  • 15% discount on summer rates
  • Free upgrade to intensive programme for parents
  • Free National Geographic coursebook


In Spanish only

Concurso literario internacional "Vive la Ñ" para estudiantes de español (04/10/2018)

Estimados profesores y estudiantes de español:

Nos ponemos en contacto con ustedes para informarles del II Concurso literario internacional Vive la Ñ, destinado a estudiantes de español de 12 a 17 años. (condiciones y bases en documento adjunto)

 Vive la N - Guidelines 2019
 II concurso literario internacional 2019

Como recompensa a los ganadores ofrecemos un primer premio que consiste en una estancia de 15 días en Vive la Ñ campamento internacional de verano de inmersión en español en España con todos los gastos pagados por un valor de 1450€ (solamente los billetes de avión desde la ciudad de origen hasta Alicante corren a cargo del alumno) y un segundo premio con un descuento del 50% sobre el precio del campamento.

Creemos que este certamen puede ser interesante para sus alumnos. Además de ser divertido y educativo con esta iniciativa queremos colaborar en la difusión del español entre los estudiantes internacionales.

Esperamos que se animen a participar.

Muchas gracias por su atención!


ISC Spain is a Spanish holiday camp, offering both linguistic and sporting holidays in Alicante, Spain (Spanish or English classes in the morning and sports or leisure activities in the afternoon) for international students between 13 and 18 years old.

The goal is to promote and disseminate Spanish as well as Hispanic culture by organising educational, sports, cultural, and leisure activities in the wonderful city of Alicante.

The summer camp programme is based on four pillars:

    Students learn and perfect their Spanish in Spain.
    Campers explore the diverse cultures of Spain by visiting up to 3 cities.
  3. SPORT
    Students will enjoy their stay to practice their favorite sport. A wide variety of sports are offered: Windsurfing, Soccer, Handball, Volleyball, Sailing, Tennis, Multi-sport, Basketball, Watersport, Golf.
    Teenagers experience a large number of activities that ISC Spain and Alicante offer.

For more information: or Brochure ISC-International Spanish Courses 2018

More information:
cartel vive la N~ 2017

Apprends l'espagnol avec un projet innovateur

Adolescents de 11-13 et 14-18 ans immersion totale en espagnol
Qui souhaitent apprendre ou se perfectionner dans la langue espagnole en été et rencontrer de nouveaux amis.

Différentes nationalités Échanger des cultures , parlant toujours en espagnol.

Foyer d'étudiants  À la plage de Muchavista, El Campello (Alicante) pour vivre et profiter de la culture espagnole.

Hôte espagnol  Avec qui tu apprendras et cohabiteras durant ton séjour.


The Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione organizes the "European Coop Campus Young”, a dynamic and interactive way to acquire entrepreneurial and cooperative competences.

This learning experience is being offered to young people from 14 to 18 years old and will be held in Trentino (Italy) in summer 2017. The programme combines classroom activity with work experience in local cooperative enterprises and offers the opportunity  to discover Trentino, a tourist destination and one of the most important  cooperative models in Italy and in Europe.

All information: European Coop Campus Young


Logo TLE verticalInformation:

Summer Camps in Spain Information - Junior Program 2016  

Juniors Picture_2016

LANGUAGE CAMPS IN NE, FR and EN (12/04/2016)


Futur'b (a non-profit-making organization) offers language camps in Dutch, French and English, for children aged 6 to 18.

We believe that playful activities are the best way to improve one's language knowledge and skills.

We grant a 10%-discount for any registration to one of our camps before 30th April 2016.

Please mention the name of your school when registering.

For more information and to register, please visit our webiste.


In French only

Objectif Sciences International, ONG à statut consultatif auprès du Conseil Economique et Social des Nations Unies, a pour missions la recherche scientifique et l'éducation aux sciences au service du développement durable au sein de séjours solidaires.

OSI propose des séjours pour des enfants, adolescents et familles, en pleine nature et avec la participation active dans des recherches scientifiques. Notre objectif, promouvoir les sciences et leur usage durable auprès des jeunes générations.

Nous menons un très important programme de stages de Vacances Scientifiques dans le monde entier et pendant toute l'année.

Pour plus d'information veuillez visiter notre site internet.