Community Building Working Group

Coordinator: Samantha CHAITKIN


The Community Building [and Solidarity] Working Group (CBWG) was founded in 2015 as an organ of the APEEE that examines and enables initiatives to increase the sense of community, mutual respect and school “ownership” among students, school staff and parents. The group mobilises APEEE financing, organises or promotes activities, or raises awareness about values including, but not limited to: solidarity, sustainability, respect, team spirit, belonging.

Beyond the wish to add value and values to the school environment, it was also considered that disinterest and negative views of school, peers and colleagues may be at the root of some risky behaviors exhibited by students (including for example vandalism, harassment, addictions).

General Scope of Activity: Currently, the activities of the CBWG are organised under the following areas:

  • Solidarity and charitable actions
  • Green school and sustainability
  • Free time / free spaces (FT/FS)
    particularly issues related to the school's physical/built environment
  • School events and parties
    including but not limited to the Fete de l’Ecole
  • School image campaigns
    including sweatshirts, NewsFlash, Facebook, and more...
  • Outreach
    including welcome initiatives for new students and their families, teacher appreciation, student committee liaison
  • Community-member-driven projects involving a community building objective
    including the Student Values Workshops with the Bien Etre group; the Francis Pirotta Creative Arts Prize; Climate Neutral European School; ES School Events, such as EUROSPORT, MUNUccle, FAMES and ESSS

Participation and Working Methods: In 2021, rather than meeting regularly as a coordinating group, the CBWG will function as an enabler for members of the APEEE Board and the broader school community. The group provides a space/context where they can initiate or pitch in and realise activities around the seven focal areas. Most communication takes place via email, though meetings can in principle also be organised. Members may represent the CBWG and APEEE in meetings and communications in the relevant area of activity. The group should report back to the Board at least twice a year and consult when a major campaign, initiative or event is planned.

If you are interested in one or more of these activities, please contact our Secretariat at:

Mandate of the APEEE's Community Building Working Group (February 2023)
Future of the Community Building Working Group (January 2020)

2021 Priorities

The activities we have planned for 2021 include:

  • Free Time /Free Space (FT/FS): Working with the Student Committee (CdE) and the management on improving indoor and outdoor campus spaces where students can spend their free time positively; working to create an eco-friendly and healthy environment for pupils.
  • Green School Initiatives: Funding and promoting initiatives that have an environmental orientation and teach kids about sustainable living.
  • Francis Pirotta Creative Arts Prize: Working with the family of Francis Pirotta and the Primary Teaching Team to continue to honour young Francis, who sadly passed away in May 2018, with an annual primary class-project art competition and award.
  • Values Project: Continuing to work with the APEEE Bien-Etre WG to host talks for teens across the secondary on relevant topics for today’s youth.
  • Outreach: Welcome activities in the first days of September to better orient new families and greet returning families; teacher appreciation activities.
  • Primary Sweatshirt Sales: Piloting online ordering system for primary school sweatshirts.
  • School Events Publicity: Collaborating with the APEEE Communication Team to publicise activities undertaken by the school in the APEEE Newsflash.
  • Support for Projects/Initiatives: Contributing to APEEE Project Funding Calls by vetting proposed projects and serving on award panel; help oversee key community building project implementation.