Parent Representatives

Parents are represented in the APEEE and in other school bodies at several levels. Our parent representatives work closely with each other to serve parents in their classes and in their sections. They also contribute to the larger work of the APEEE Board, Berkendael Working Group (WG) and the school's Education Councils and undertake other volunteer activities.

Class Representatives

During the Autumn parent meetings called by the school, the parents of each class must elect four class representatives for a one-year mandate. These representatives form the basis of the APEEE.

For a summary of the election procedure, see our Elections Vademecum:

APEEE Elections Vademecum (2022-2023) EN / FR

If you wish to know the elected representatives in your class, please contact the APEEE secretariat:

Section Representatives

In early November, the APEEE calls a meeting for all class representatives from each language section at Uccle to select four Uccle section representatives from amongst their number. Each section elects a team representing the section in various bodies:

  • a nursery-primary and a secondary representative to the APEEE Board (CA) for two-year mandates
  • a primary and a secondary representative to Uccle's two Education Councils (CEs) for one-year mandates
  • deputies are also elected for each of these posts

The SWALS also select an APEEE Board member as well as a representative to each of the Education Councils. Finally, at Uccle a single cross-sectional CE nursery representative is selected from among nursery class representatives.

In October or November, the Berkendael Working Group (WG) also holds a dedicated meeting to select representatives from each of their sections or satellite groups. Each elects:

  • representative(s) and deputy(ies) to serve on the WG
  • a representative and deputy(ies) to serve on the Berkendael CE

Berkendael's APEEE Board representatives and delegates to various posts are then chosen from among this group. (See also: Berkendael Working Group)

The contact information for elected representatives from each language section can be found on the lists for the APEEE Board (CA) and Education Councils (CEs):

APEEE Board (CA) 2022-2023
Uccle CE APEEE 2022-2023
Berkendael CE APEEE 2022-2023

You may also find a complete list of current Section Representatives at Uccle and Berkendael below.

Role of Parent Representatives

The role of Class Representatives is twofold: to coordinate class communications and activities and to liaise with the APEEE. As a class coordinator, the representative:

  • creates and updates an address, telephone and email list of class students.
  • relays communication between teachers and parents, for instance in primary by helping the teacher find parents to accompany pupils on outings, keep the class accounts, etc.
  • organises festive occasions in class (breakfasts or parties) or outside of class, especially around Christmas time and at the end of the year.
  • deals with any problems that arise at class level by seeking to maintain contact with the class teacher as well as by organising parent meetings if need be. In case the difficulty persists, class representatives can contact their language section representative on the APEEE Board or Berkendael Working Group to ask for advice or to seek intervention if necessary.

As an APEEE liaison, the representative:

  • acts as a contact point between the parents in the class and the section representatives in the APEEE, Berkendael Working Group and Education Councils. This includes relaying communication from the APEEE, Berkendael Working Group and section representatives to the class, forwarding parents’ questions and suggestions to section representatives and also participating in key meetings organised by the language section, Berkendael Working Group or by the APEEE.
  • elects the members from the language section to the APEEE Board or Berkendael Working Group and section parent representatives to the school primary and secondary Education Councils.
  • helps coordinate class participation in the School Fêtes, occurring every two years at Uccle and annually at Berkendael.

Section Representatives sit on the Education Councils, Berkendael Working Group and/or the APEEE Board and act as the privileged interlocutors of the class representatives. They handle problems which affect the whole section, site or school and which relate to the quality of education or other aspects of school life. As a group, section representatives:

  • coordinate communication on recent developments to all parents in the section via class representatives.
  • gather and communicate the views of the section on a variety of pedagogic and school life issues.
  • represent the section's interests and concerns to teachers, the school administration and the inspectorate.
  • consult with and advise class representatives and escalate issues to the level of the direction and/or APEEE Presidency, Board or Berkendael Working Group when necessary.
  • oversee section participation in the School Fete.

The following documents are intended to support representatives in their work:

 Charter for Parent-Representatives in the APEEE Brussels I EN / FR
 Procedures for Creating/Updating Class Contact List EN / FR
 Template for Creating/Updating Class Contact List
 Guidelines of good practice for internal communication within sections

Section Representatives Uccle 2022-2023

 Uccle Section Representatives elected to APEEE CA and CEs

Section Representatives Berkendael 2022-2023

 Berkendael Section Representatives elected to Berkendael Working Group, APEEE CA and Berkendael CE