Role in School Governance

The APEEE is involved in school governance at three levels.

  • School Level: We are represented by APEEE delegates at the EEBI Education Councils (CEs)--primary and secondary at Uccle and primary only at Berkendael; the Safety & Hygiene (CHS) Committees at Uccle and Berkendael; the EEBI School Advisory Council (SAC); and the EEBI Administrative Board.
  • Brussels Level: We serve and are represented with the three other EEB APEEEs in the Brussels European Schools Central Enrolment Board (CEA) and the Steering Committee Brussels (SCB, formally Groupe de Suivi).
  • European School Level: The APEEE sends delegates to INTERPARENTS. INTERPARENTS works on behalf of all thirteen European Schools to pursue common ends and sends delegates on our behalf to the European School Board of Governors meetings as well as the attached preparatory committees and working groups.