School Fête 6 May 2023

Dear EEB1 Parents,

thank you for attending the School Fête which took place on Saturday, 6 May 2023 on the Uccle campus. It was a unique celebration for the school communities of both Uccle and Berkendael!

All proceeds from the Fête will be used for school projects put forward by teachers, pupils and parents.

Photos of the Fête

Some pictures of the event are available on the APEEE's Facebook page:


Programme of the Fête

The Fête featured a wide range of activities that appealed to everyone. Here are some of the highlights:

  • ⚽ 🏓 ♟️ Sport Tournaments for Football, Ping Pong and Chess
  • 🏰 Bouncy castles for young and old
  • 🍕 🌭 🍦 🍹 An international culinary experience with food and sweets typical of Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium as well as fun fair food, ice cream, lemonade and cocktails
  • ☕ 🍰 The beloved Wiener Café and English Tea Room
  • 🎨 Face painting, hair decoration, bracelet making, cookie decorating, bookmark and badge design, and other handicrafts
  • 🫧 Giant bubbles
  • 👻 The Haunted House
  • 🚲 🤖 🍚 Ateliers for bike repair, building wooden robots, and making paella
  • 🔬 A Science Hub including the Fabrication Laboratory (FABLAB) and EEB1 Science Festival
  • 🎲 🦆 🃏 🏹 Games, games, games…duck fishing, card games, wheel barrow and sack races, archery and a catapult, and other retro games and scouting activities
  • 📖 🖼 Story-telling and exhibitions of student art
  • 💃🏻 🎻 🎸 Dances and musical performances, including the EEB1 orchestra, choirs and big band, a Hungarian rock band and other student and teacher bands, Europa in Canto, and lessons in capoeira, flamenco and typical dances from South Italy
  • ℹ 👕 Information booths from the Students’ Committee, APEEE, APEEE Services, EURÊKA, BAC Committee, and the Octopus Swim Team...and Hoodie Sales
  • 🎤 and don’t forget…karaoke!

 Detailed Programme of the School Fête 2023


For any questions you may have on the Fête, please write to our parent-Fête coordinators at