Mobility Programme and Student Exchanges

The European Schools offer the opportunity to for students to participate in an inter-school exchange or so-called "mobility programme". For EEBI, the student exchange programme is available to 5th secondary (S5) students.

If you are an external family with a student planning to come to EEBI and need help orienting yourself at the school, please find below a list of useful contacts in the EEBI administration, the APEEE and the APEEE Services:

Exchange of Students - Who to Contact at EEBI

If you are an EEBI family:

  • sending your student on the mobility programme and need help reaching families in the host school
  • or are interested in hosting a student from another school.

Please contact our APEEE Secretariat:

See more at: Student Exchanges between European Schools on the site. You may also find the following official guidelines helpful:

Guidelines on Organizing Students’ Mobility from and to the European School (November 2016)