Mobility Programme and Student Exchanges


Dear parents of S4,

School Mobility coordinators will meet in October 2022 to harmonise the mobility procedure between all European Schools and Accredited European Schools.

Therefore, the update of the online information on the EEB1 and APEEE websites, and the information meeting on mobilities will take place in November 2022.

We advise you to wait until all the information is available, but in case of urgent questions please contact Ms Manela Marín, Uccle’s Pedagogical Coordinator S4-S5 and Mobility programme Coordinator.

The European Schools offer the opportunity to for students to participate in an inter-school exchange or so-called "mobility programme". For EEBI, the student exchange programme is available to 5th secondary (S5) students.

If you are an external family with a student planning to come to EEBI and need help orienting yourself at the school, please find below a list of useful contacts in the EEBI administration, the APEEE and the APEEE Services:

Exchange of Students - Who to Contact at EEBI

If you are an EEBI family:

  • sending your student on the mobility programme and need help reaching families in the host school
  • or are interested in hosting a student from another school.

Please contact our APEEE Secretariat:

See more at: Student Exchanges between European Schools on the site. You may also find the following official guidelines helpful:

Guidelines on Organizing Students’ Mobility from and to the European School (November 2016)