Funded Projects 2021-2022

The projects below have all been funded through APEEE Project Calls. They are scheduled to take place during the 2021-2022 school year.

Radio EEBI

This project aims to create a radio station for EEBI secondary and late primary classes. The project will proceed in several steps. In 2021-2022 the objective is to create radio podcasts within the context of the S1 L2FR course and S1-S3 L2FR enrichment classes. A radio club for students will also be run during lunch breaks and will do live broadcasting. In 2022-2023 the radio podcast project will be extended to other courses and cycles, including the primary. The radio club will be promoted and extended.In later years the radio club for students will be further expanded and podcasts can be created in other European Schools, in Brussels and beyond.
To support these efforts, in 2021 volunteer teachers will be trained, while students will take a field trip to the RTBF studios as an introduction to the theme (during the project week if possible). The radio club will be opened for registration in parallel to these activities, ideally with the help of the Student Committee (CdE). Podcast production is envisioned to begin in November with live broadcasts launched in April. In June 2022, there will be a review of the pilot year.
The project is expected to create links between students from different sections, cycles and campuses, and is an innovative way to introduce students to new technologies and media formats. It is also hoped it will foster free expression, critical thinking and debate. The funds will be used to purchase the technical equipment for recording and broadcasting.
School site Uccle | Sections involved DE, DA, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, SWALS, ONL | Levels involved S1-S3
Total project budget 1500 EUR | APEEE contribution 1200 EUR
Date of project delivery 27/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Observe, Plant and Taste in Order to Respect and Share

The project builds on the success of the “Let’s garden at school! Jardinons à l'école! Project and aims to set up a plots for a vegetable garden for P3 to P5 students in Berkendael. The garden will be cultivated in the framework of European Hours. Students will learn about regional conditions and plant species and select local vegetables for cultivation, practice simple cultivation techniques and vocabulary of gardening, and work closely together on a common project. A water tank will be installed to collect rain water and signage will be made in the European languages of the school. Each week a small group of children will be charged with maintaining the garden—eventually an automatic watering system will be planned.
Following the pandemic, children need to connect with fundamental values. The project is intended to help kids become good citizens of the world and also to enhance their well-being. This project also fits into the planned renovation of Berkendael’s Building B playground this summer, particularly as the children of the school requested a quiet corner be included in the plans. The APEEE's partial funding has been given for the purchase gardening materials.
School site Berkendael | Sections involved DE, EN, EL, ES, FR, IT, LV, SK | Levels involved P1-P3, P4-P5
Total project budget 2400 EUR | APEEE contribution 1000 EUR
Date of project delivery 04/07/2022 | Status ongoing

Emotional intelligence and COVID (P4 and P5 Uccle)

These two projects will consist of interactive workshops of approx. 25 students each and cover the whole of the Uccle P4 and P5; they are intended to reinforce the emotional intelligence of our children particularly after the difficult period just experienced. The workshops will be organised on topics including: "Emotional awareness (being able to identify your own emotions)", "Self-management (manage emotions, for example manage stress)", "Empathy development", and "Motivation".
Workshops would be held during European Hours and/or moral classes or during special periods in the year. These workshops are hosted by specialist foundation "Les Loulous Philosophes / Les Ados Philos" and organised by members of the APEEE’s Well-Being Working Group. They are an extension of the successful Well-Being/Community Building “Reinforcement of Values” Series in the secondary, which are hosted by the same foundation.
School site Uccle | Sections involved DE, DA, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, SWALS, ONL | Levels involved P4-P5
Total project budget 1200 EUR (600 EUR x 2) | APEEE contribution 1200 EUR (600 EUR x 2)
Date of project delivery 30/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Reinforcement of Values Series (S7)

Workshops for students: A series of talks for all S7 classes across sections, aimed at reinforcing values among teenagers to complete what is done at home and by the school. As these students need to reflect on their future before leaving school, interactive sessions with their peers will be organised around the themes such as: "What is a successful/happy life?”, “Does success depend on my will?”, “What makes what I am?”, and ‘What is happiness?”.
Interactive workshops of 25-30 students will take place during religion and ethics classes or in the Project Week period. Each session will correspond to one period of class. Workshops will be hosted by specialised coaches from the organisation "Les Loulous Philosophes / Les Ados Philos".
The main goal is to inspire secondary students to reflect on the importance of core values for their lives and social community. The aim of this projects is the reinforcement of values in teenagers to complete what is done at home and at school. Workshops are complemented by testimonials, debates and cine-forums. This is a continuation of the "Reinforcement of Values" Series organised by members of the APEEE's Well-Being and Community Building Working Groups.
School site Uccle | Sections involved DE, DA, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, SWALS, ONL | Levels involved S6-S7
Total project budget 600 EUR | APEEE contribution 600 EUR
Date of project delivery 30/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Francis Pirotta Creative Arts Prize - 2021-2022 Edition

Art competition for students: An annual art competition aimed at primary and nursery classes in Uccle to celebrate Francis Pirotta's short but creative life and ensure that his spirit and determination remain alive through the creativity of other children. Francis Pirotta used to spend countless hours drawing. It was by far his favourite pastime and an opening into the world of this remarkable boy with an all-too-short life.
The prize is intended to stimulate pupil's artistic creativity, with an emphasis on teamwork as the prize is awarded to whole classes. The teachers and art coordinator are heavily implicated in the programme, and a committee including the teachers, the family, the parents and the students decides on the theme of the competition each year in autumn and also serve as the judging panel in spring. In 2019, the prize for the theme "Other Places, Other Worlds" was awarded to MAT IT and P5 DA, while the 2020 edition with the theme "Flags for Nature" was won by MAT EN, P4 ENa and P5 MT. The 2020 submissions were part of the European Commission's 2020 Greenweek Programme. The 2021 edition with the theme “Book Covers” was won by MAT IT and P4 DA. The 2021 edition also honoured the memory of Francis' teacher, Rachel Napthine.
The APEEE funds or co-funds the prize, a school trip or other gifts for the winning classes.
School site Uccle | Sections involved DE, DA, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, SWALS, ONL | Levels involved MAT, P1-P3, P4-P5
Total project budget 900 EUR | APEEE contribution 600 EUR
Date of project delivery 30/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Well-Being Conference

The overall project organised by the APEEE's Well-Being Working Group aims at raising awareness among parents and/or pupils about topics of interests related to well-being or mental health, through online conferences. In this case, while waiting for a fuller strategy, a single conference was awarded to treat a topic, such as: affection and sexuality, physical and mental health, nutrition, mindfulness and or brain training, emotional intelligence, parenting, impact of COVID, internet safety and the challenges/risks of social media, cyber-bullying. Priority will be given to topics not recently covered and those that have received positive feedback. The speakers will be selected based on curriculum and expertise, availability and languages (mainly FR or EN).
The Well-Being working group in its current form has a three-year track record of success giving parent conferences and student workshops.
School site Uccle & Berkendael | Sections involved EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, LV, SK, EL, Other: SWALS, ONL | Levels involved MAT, P1-P3, P4-P5, S1-S3, S4-S5, S6-S7
Total project budget 500 EUR | APEEE contribution 500 EUR
Date of project delivery 27/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Become a Cyber Hero: Promoting Safe Use of the Internet (P4 and P5 Berkendael)

A programme which aims is to make kids aware of the risks related to the Internet and to promote appropriate behaviour when online. It will be organised for P4 and P5 classes at Berkendael by expert group Bibliothèque Sans Frontière in close cooperation with teaching staff.
The introduction is an interactive webinar, performed in all classes of the same level at the same time. The children will then be presented with an imaginary country that will lead them to reflect on their behaviour on the Internet. They will discover five topics: Cyber futé / “smart” (how to hare information safely on the Internet); Cyber vigilant (how to develop critical thinking - fakes news); Cyber secret / “secrecy” (how to choose and manage passwords); Cyber sympa / “nice” (awareness about cyber harassment); and Cyber courageux / “brave” (encouraging children to talk to adults about what worries them about on the Internet).
The association provides educational / pedagogical kits to each child and teacher, so that teachers continue the work in the classroom over several weeks. Parents are also take part in the programme via an online conference organised by the association, so that they can follow up at home with their kids. The programme is currently available only in French.
The project is hoped to educate our children about safety on the internet before their entrance into secondary; it is also hoped to reduce cyber-bullying and other inappropriate online behaviours.
School site Berkendael | Sections involved DE, FR, LV, SK | Levels involved P4-P5
Total project budget 400 EUR | APEEE contribution 400 EUR
Date of project delivery 30/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Supporting Children in their Learning Path: What Cognitive Science Tells You

A conference (in situ or online) for parents and the school community at large, hosted by two experts in accompanying children with learning difficulties from the “Mathémô / Métamô” centers. The main aim is to discover how the young brain of our children develops over years, how it functions and the mental gestures associated with learning.
Parents will be shown very practical activities and learn how to implement these with their own children in their homework, during online teaching period or to generally support their education. The study of mental gestures in learning and their application for children has been developed in the francophone context but it applies equally in a plurilinguistic context. Though the conference is in French, the facilitators of the conference will strive to reach all the language speakers represented in the audience.
During last 18 months, parents were thrown into the school activities of their children at home, even if they had not previously followed their children’s education much or had not wanted to do so before. For some families it was easy, but for most it was a very difficult period and as parents of primary or young secondary students, we felt useless or ill equipped to support our children on how to improve concentration, absorb new ideas and find motivation to continue working. This conference is intended to address this issue.
School site Uccle & Berkendael | Sections involved DE, DA, EN, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, LV, SK, EL, Other: SWALS, ONL | Levels involved P4-P5, S1-S3
Total project budget 400 EUR | APEEE contribution 400 EUR
Date of project delivery 30/06/2022 | Status ongoing

Activities at Lunchtime Breaks Berkendael - Board Games Collection

This project builds on the “Berkendael Chess Project / Jeux d'échecs à l'école” and aims to diversify the activities proposed during lunchtime breaks to include board games and eventually programmable robots.
By offering different lunchtime activities, the project offers support to those students who do not feel comfortable on the playground. Board games and other cooperative activities will also create links between children, and some of the board games purchased will allow the children to express their feelings and develop awareness of the natural environment. Such activities enable students to take advantage of spaces designed for them, with the support of competent and attentive adults. Board games also develop important skills in support of the formal curriculum: mathematics L1, L2, science, history, geography.
The APEEE accepted to partially fund the project. It was suggested that a starter collection of board games be purchased first and robotics sets could be added later as the activity grows in strength and interest.
School site Berkendael | Sections involved DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, LV, SK, EL | Levels involved P1-P3, P4-P5
Total project budget 300 EUR | APEEE contribution 300 EUR
Date of project delivery 27/06/2022 | Status ongoing