The supplier School Supply provides a special “European Schools” offer for the Texas Instruments calculators required as part of the current S6 and S7 maths and physics syllabuses. Orders and payments should be made directly through the company School Supply, deliveries will be sent to your home address, at a small shipping cost, within a period of 1-5 days. (Updated instuctions from supplier pending).

Note: for S5 (i.e. for BAC 2023) and all years below, the use of the TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator will no longer be required in the curriculum. Please confirm with your course teacher before purchasing!

If you wish to download the instruction manual of your calculator in a language other than French or Dutch, please use the following links:

If you are having problems with your calculator, the following gives contact information to the after-sales services of Texas Instruments:


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