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  • Teacher with more than 18 years of experience in the European Schools. Physics, Chemistry and Integrated Science courses, all levels. Very experienced in the preparation of the Bac as well as exams of S5 and S6. Provides all types of working documents: theory, exercises, tests, etc. Also, helps to learn how to study or how to organise the study. At home or online.
    Contact: Dulce Helena, Tel : +32 (0) 477 43 13 83,
  • Maths tutoring (27/09/2023)
    As a mother of 4 children at the European School, I have been giving maths support classes for all levels of Secondary school for 10 years. I also have pupils from the Lycée Français and Belgian schools, as well as students at the start of their university studies. I studied mathematics and statistics, and I'm also a certified personal development coach. I make myself very available to my students 7 days a week, and they can write to me at any time with specific questions. I give my classes at home, in Ixelles (Bascule/Abbaye de la Cambre), direct by bus from EEB1. It's also possible to give lessons online (via Zoom).
    Ariane Kress
    Tel/WhatsApp : +32 (0)489 554 861
  • Violin/Piano teacher
    I am mom at EEB1 and also a musician. I offer violin/viola and beginner piano lessons. I have been teaching and performing music for about 20 years now, all ages, levels welcome.
    Annette Homann
    Phone: +49 172 7829594
    Languages: German, English, basic French
  • Student at the end of the Electrical Engineering cycle, Master BRUFACE (Brussels faculty of engineering) sympathetic and patient, methodical and passionate about teaching, gives courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science from S1 to S7.
    Contact: François Serge Tombou
    Tel: +32 (0)465 18 39 08
  • Reconciling students with mathematics, physics and computer science: this is the goal I have set myself. How can I do this?
    The objective of this particular course is twofold. On the one hand, to catch up with the student, by helping him to build a solid technical base in the subject of his choice. On the other hand, to guide him in his work method by aiming at productivity and academic autonomy. Having done all my studies at the European School and having given private lessons for more than 8 years, I master perfectly the mathematical and scientific program.
    My support:
  • Available 24/7 via message/email outside of class to answer urgent questions about a course or exercise.
  • Provide additional exercises if necessary.
  • Organization of "mock" exams to simulate real-life evaluation conditions.
  • Possibility of teaching two students at the same time if they are in the same class.
    Phone/WhatsApp: +32495992027
    Phone: +33668195631
  • Tutoring by former substitute teacher of the EE in Math, Physics, Chemistry & Economics, given in three possible languages (EN, FR & ES). 30 years of experience in tutoring all levels, including University degrees (Med. & Eng.) and particularly in the preparation for the European Baccalaureate. Extensive experience in EE curriculum, hands-on teaching and advises on working methods. At your home or online.Contact: Stan I. / Tel: +32 (0)475 91 67 67 /
  • Tutoring 1st to 4th secondary
    I am a former student of the EEB1, a commercial engineer (Solvay) by training, and I have always loved mathematics. For the past four years, I have been in charge of a homework school and I have also taught English in secondary school. I do my best to help you understand, learn and remember.
    Contact me on +32 (0)494 43 84 32
  • Private tuition in ICT, Computer programming and maths (23/02/2021)
    - Primary & secondary school ICT and Computing
    - Primary & secondary school maths
    - Private or group computer programming courses for young learners and adults

    • Games, stories and animations with MIT Scratch
    • Create fun games and interactive programs in Python
    • Android Apps with App Inventor
    • Python Programming: From beginners to advanced learners
    • Java Programming Fundamentals in Alice and Eclipse
      Languages: English and Greek
      Contact Details:
      Ilias Papadopoulos, BSc, MSc
      Tel: +32 (0) 496 79 64 53
  • Private violin lessons in French, English and Spanish (23/02/2021)
    A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I give private lessons in violin and solfeggio at home for all levels and all ages, in English, French or Spanish.
    Phone: +34 616476719
  • Aide aux enfants de secondaire. Je propose des cours de langue (néerlandais, anglais, italien), des cours de maths ainsi que des cours de sciences (physique et chimie). Je suis en Master 2 ingénieur commercial à l'ICHEC. J'ai eu l'occasion de donner souvent cours à des élèves de l'école européenne. Danny De Gregorio
  • J'offre un accompagnement aux élèves de dernière année secondaire pour les orienter dans leur choix d'études supérieures. Bien choisir son orientation constitue une des premières décisions "adultes" pour des enfants qui sortent à peine de l'adolescence. En règle générale, jusque là, les décisions importantes ont été prises par les parents et il se peut que les jeunes gens soient perdus, stressés ou encore "sous influence" parentale au moment de se prononcer. Les décisions prises par un jeune adulte peuvent être prises en mode :
  • "Soumis" : répond aux attentes des parents ou de l'environnement.
  • "Rebel" : va à l'encontre des attentes des parents ou de l'environnement.
  • "Responsable" : fait ce qu'il "faut" faire comme "on" lui a dit de faire.
  • "Opportuniste" : de manière "impulsive", optera pour un boulot qui paie bien.

Dans tous les cas, si le choix n'est pas fait "en plein conscience", il y a de fortes chances pour qu'à moyen terme, l'ennui, les regrets et les moindres performances s'installent. Les outils que j'utilise sont reconnus et ont fait leurs preuves. Contact: Rocco Simeone; +32 (0)497 43 03 63;

  • Professeure de français, agrégée de lettres, excellente pédagogue, ayant enseigné 10 ans à l'Ecole européenne, propose des cours de français L1, L2, L3 et L4. Préparation aux examens de la S4 à la S7, baccalauréat européen, soutien méthodologique, français langue étrangère pour enfants et adultes. Stages intensifs possibles pendant les vacances scolaires et le weekend. Tarif à discuter en fonction du niveau et des besoins. GSM : +32 (0)471 66 07 83.
  • Experienced English teacher for all levels, having taught English in the U.K. at a central London College, gives regular classes and prepares for exams. Located near the EU institutions. Please phone Rosa Pammer, +32 (0)470 47 33 42.
  • Dyslexia? Experienced teacher with diploma for teaching dyslexic children in English. She gives structured lessons using colours, letters, syllables, flash cards and lots more. Please contact Rosa Pammer, +32 (0)470 47 33 42.
  • My name is Ion Aldea: PhD in Science (Math, Physics and Chemistry), experienced teacher, specialised in European Baccalaureate, I'm offering private classes, all levels. I have a private tutoring company since 2011 and a great experience as a teacher. Contact details: +32 (0)472 13 32 57 or
  • Preparation for admission exams in medicine and dentistry 2018.
    ClassPro Education:
  • Do you need some help in German or in English ?
  • English language instruction (08/10/2013)
    at all levels for children or adults. Qualified American teacher helps improve your pronunciation, conversational ability, fluency, vocabulary & grammar. Assistance with homework & test preparation. C.V. writing and interview practice. Private or small group lessons. Your home or mine. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
    For information, call 02/640.74.32 or 0497/420.601
  • Art Lessons in English (12/11/2013)
    By professional artist and University of London Graduate (M.A)
    Classes for children age 6+ and classes for teenagers.
    I can also help you prepare a portofolio if you wish to enter Higher Studies in Art/Architecture
    Uccle area, Wednesday afternoon sessions, reasonable fee
    Visit my website:
  • Spanish lessons (12/11/2013)
    De langue maternelle espagnole, j´offre mes services pour donner des cours particuliers d´espagnol pour tour niveau et à petit prix.
    Je suis disponible pour la préparation d´examens ou pour des simples cours de conversation, selon vos bessoins et à votre rythme.
  • French Langage courses for children (11/02/2014)
    French foreign language Teacher(FLE) graduated from the Alliance française , offers French learning new program dedicated to children from 6 to 15 years'old. based on the AIM Language learning method (
    Lively, fun and efective process. Adults as well.
    Contact: or Mobile: 0485 727 725
    Further information: Cours de français APEEE - Thierry Oury
  • French lesson/ French as a foreign language lesson (11/02/2014)
    Professor awarded from the Alliance française and owning a Master of Science of language, French as a foreign language option, gives French lessons, foreign language and literature, all levels. Tariffs: 20 euros/hour.
    Contact : or Cell: 04 98 69 25 37.
  • Young spanish chemical engineer offers particular classes (11/02/2014)
    of mathematics, phisics and chemistry in spanish or english. Responsible and enthusiastic, counts with experience teaching. Goes home.
    Contact: Lucia.
    0486991510 / Email:
  • Laureata in Scienze Politiche, seria e con lunga esperienza nel supporto allo studio, disponibile ad assistere bambini e ragazzi nei compiti e nello studio di tutte le materie, madre lingua italiana. Lezioni a domicilio. (23/06/2014)
    Contattare ore serali.
    Tel. 02-2804533

  • Diplomada en Arquitectura Técnica y con experiencia impartiendo clases, se ofrece para dar clases de matemaricas, fisica, dibujo tecnico y espanol a todos los niveles.
    Graduated in Technical Architecture and experience teaching, I offer my knowledge to teach math, physics, drawing and Spanich at all levels.
    Teléfono/GMS: 0487 551 524

  • Institutrice expérimentée ayant travaillé quelques années à la Commission Européenne, accompagne à domicile vos enfants lors de devoirs de français et durant les vacances scolaires.
    Mercredi, jeudi et vendredi .
    Tarif: 20 euros/ heure
    Contact : Mme Studer au 0477 52 59 52
    Email :
  • MBA makes ± 90% of his students succeed in Economy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry as well as in Dutch, French and German, since 1975. (05/05/2015)
    Further information: please click here
    Contact: Willem Adrianus de Bruijn 0486 691 176
  • Cours privés de maths, physique, chimie, sciences à Bruxelles (13/10/2015)
    En français, anglais ou italien.
    Je suis un chercheur professionnel avec une expérience reconnue dans l'enseignement et un dossier de réalisations importantes.
    Contact : Leonardo Benucci
    Email :
  • Experienced native English and Spanish tutor (13/10/2015)
    Familiar with ELE & ESL courses and trained in the Waldorf Pedagogics. Currently teaching at VUB University.
    Fluent in other European languages. All levels. Children & Adults.
  • Professeur à Sciences Po Paris propose préparation adaptée aux IEP (dossier, épreuves écrites, oral) à Bruxelles. (13/10/2015)
    Pour tous renseignements:
  • Professeur de langue maternelle italienne offre cours de conversation, grammaire, expression écrite, aide pour examen de rattrapage et Erasmus, pour enfants et adultes.
    Je corrige et/ou supervise également tous vos documents, mémoires, rapports et autres dossiers: structure, orthographe, syntaxe, style.
    10 ans d’expérience dans l'enseignement de l'italien, a tous les niveaux.
    Diplômé en Pédagogie et Science de l’Éducation.
    GSM: 0486-857754
  • Private or group tuition in Biology/Chemistry/Science (all levels) by UK qualified teacher (Durham/Oxford) with several years' experience.
    Contact : 0465 400 157
  • Private support courses in Mathematics, French (21/12/2016)
    Experienced and motivating personne available to give private support courses to pupils up to 4th Secondary (14 years old). Can also help with organisation and method. Can come to your home.
    Contact : 0473 71 02 66
  • Estudiante de ingeniería y antiguo alumno de la escuela europea ofrece clases particulares en español de asignaturas de ciencias (matemáticas, física, química, biología). Disponibilidad para impartir clases a domicilio.
    Contacto : 0472585128
  • Cours de soutien en Mathématiques, Physique, Economie (19/09/2017)
    Détenteur d'un Master en Economie, personne d'expérience ayant travaillé dans le secteur financier (aimant les chiffres !).
    Ayant l'habitude de motiver les enfants, disponible afin de transmettre ses connaissances par le biais de cours de soutien pour élèves jusqu'en 4ème secondaire.
    Aide possible en organisation et méthodologie de travail.
    Se rend à domicile dans la mesure du possible.
    Français niveau C2 - langue maternelle and English level C1
    GMS : 0497 34 10 45
    Email :


Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Languages we offer: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Russian.
Other languages may be provided on demand.

All information: FLY Offer to EU schools