Working Groups

The APEEE Administrative Board organises several working groups to work strategically on dedicated topics of interest to EEB1 parents. Currently, the APEEE organises the following working groups:

  • Pedagogical Working Group (PedGroup)
    Coordinators: Talia BOATI, Monika VELIKONJA, Alex WILSON
    The Pedagogical Working Group (PedGroup) works with the APEEE and the school to ensure the quality of the educational offer and to support, propose and help implement measures or initiatives to improve the current daily classroom experience of our children, and also their longer educational prospects. The group works through frequent exchange with the APEEE Board (CA), Educational Council (CE) representatives and INTERPARENTS. Its activities are divided into eight subgroups/dossiers, and it has worked on key issues such as: educational support and gifted-ness, bilingual L2 classes, the new marking system, digital education and distance learning, and lost teaching hours among other things. It promotes synergies between the school's curricular and extra-curricular programmes and initiatives with a project-style interdisciplinary approach.
    In 2019, the PedGroup's Educational Support subgroup launched the Parent Network for Educational Support and the Gifted Students Network to facilitate information and experience sharing between families.
    The group generally meets four or five times each year.
  • Working Group on the Well-Being of Children and Adolescents (Bien Être)
    Coordinator: Sara DAGOSTINI
    The Bien Être Group explores, proposes and develops initiatives to ensure pupils’ well-being at school, focusing on aspects of school life that are beyond the purely pedagogical: the emotional balance of adolescents inside and outside the classroom, the development of healthy relationship with peers and adults, and indirectly the quality and safety of the physical environment. The group has launched initiatives related to EVRAS (Education to emotional and sexual life), substance abuse prevention, digital risks, Mindfulness and "Values", among other things. Its main channels are ateliers for pupils and interventions in class; teacher training; parent lunch time conferences.
    The group generally meets two or three times each year.
  • Community Building Working Group (CBWG)
    Coordinator: Samantha CHAITKIN
    The Community Building [and Solidarity] Working Group is dedicated to finding ways to bring our school community closer together. The Community Building Group supports: "Solidarity" efforts that go beyond charity to touch the lives of our kids and the society around us; "Green" initiatives to improve our local environment; "Free Time and Free Spaces (FT/FS)" projects to develop free time activities and places for pupils on campus; the School Fête; and common initiatives between teachers, parents, students and staff.
    The group generally meets three or four times each year.
  • Legal Working Group
    Coordinator: Jan TYMOWSKI
    The Legal Working Group provides legal advice to the APEEE on whatever legal issues arise, including: statutory questions; reviews and interpretations of EEBI and European School regulations; and guidance for operating in the Belgian legal context. Its main files in support of the APEEE have been: renewal of the APEEE statutes; APEEE Board financial procedures; review of the EEBI Substance Abuse Policy; review of the EEBI Child Protection related policies and procedures. The Legal Working Group also support families facing disciplinary procedures or other difficulties with the school.
    The APEEE Data Protection Task Force (Emese SAVOIA KELETI - Data Protection Advisor) works under the aegis of the Legal Working Group.
    The group generally meets three or four times each year.
  • Communication Working Group
    Coordinator: TBC
    The Communication Working Group works focuses on both the messaging to parents and the channels used to promote two-way communication within the APEEE. It also concerns itself with the development and management of the APEEE's visual identity. In practical terms, the objectives pursued are: to communicate on what is being done by the APEEE; to disseminate information appropriately and to as many people as possible; and to contribute to the general image and influence of the APEEE.
    The group is currently divided into three subgroups: Website Development, Visual Identity and APEEE NewsFlash news crew.
    The group or its subgroup generally meets once every one or two months.

APEEE working groups are for all parents and we are always on the look-out for parent volunteers! Interested? If you wish to join any working group or would simply like more information, please contact the APEEE Secretariat: or fill in this Google form: You can also scan the QR code below: