The APEEE informs, represents and acts on behalf of ALL EEBI parents, independently of their status as APEEE members. We are a forum for dialogue and action open to all parents and all language sections together. The APEEE is also an important source of support to any family facing difficulties in the system. Essentially, the APEEE works to ensure the best educational environment for all of our children.

All parents and guardians of students attending EEBI are encouraged to become APEEE members and to support the APEEE and receive the attendant privileges by paying the annual fee. Privileges of membership include:

  • ONLY APEEE members may register for the services provided by the APEEE Services (Transport, Canteen, Césame/extracurricular activities, Lockers, Friday garderie).
  • APEEE members receive direct email communications through the APEEE's dedicated communication system.
  • APEEE members may be elected as class representatives and from there as section representatives to the EEBI education councils or as members of the APEEE Board.
  • Members are also permitted and encouraged to participate in APEEE's topical working groups.


APEEE is an international non-profit making association (AISBL), that is totally independent of the school and with activities entirely carried out by volunteer parents (elected representatives). However some expenses are unavoidable, and the regular functioning of the association depends entirely on families’ financial contributions.

In order for the APEEE to continue defending families' interests and organising activities, the association must have sufficient financial resources to staff its secretariat in order to carry out the administrative and communication work and coordination that keeps the association connected with its parent base.

As of the school year 2023-2024, the annual membership fee per family is of 55 EUR as decided by the APEEEE's General Assembly during its extraordinary meeting of 30 May 2023.

This is paid with the subscription (or renewal of the annual subscription) through the APEEE Services website ( which hosts our payment platform, OR into the bank account BE94 3100 2003 3014 but only using the structured communication provided by the APEEE. Please do not make any spontaneous payments and contact the APEEE Secretariat for further assistance. For more information, please consult the APEEE Membership Fee Terms and Conditions.

We appreciate your support!

Last update: 18/01/2024