Get Involved!

The following are the different roles that you can fill in the APEEE; they can also be viewed as a “path” to longer-term involvement. You may take on one or several roles at the same time, but we recommend starting off with a lighter commitment and working up.

  • Light involvement-–depending on need or sporadic commitment:
    • Class representative
    • Parent volunteer to EURÊKA
    • Parent volunteer that helps with the annual Used Textbook Sale
    • Parent volunteer to run a stand at the biannual School Fête
  • Medium involvement-–preparation for and attendance at regular meetings expected; heavy during well-defined periods:
    • Language section representative
    • Member of the APEEE Administrative Board
    • Representative on the school Primary or Secondary Educational Councils
    • Member of an APEEE working group or an APEEE Services committee (Canteen, Transport, Césame)
    • Parent volunteer that organises the annual Used Textbook Sale
    • Member of the organising committee of the biannual School Fête
  • Intense involvement-–several hours each week; expected to lead meetings or initiatives; can be heavy during longer periods:
    • Member of the APEEE Bureau
    • Coordinator of an APEEE working group or an APEEE Services committee (Canteen, Transport, Césame)
    • Delegate sent by APEEE to Brussels School or European School committee or working group
    • Parent volunteer that runs EURÊKA
    • Parent coordinator of the School Fête

If you are interested in getting involved at some level,  would like to propose an initiative or want to give feedback on our current way of working, please do not hesitate to contact the APEEE Secretariat:

Note: parent volunteers also help in the school libraries, though this is independent of the APEEE. If you are interested in volunteering at the school libraries, we encourage you to contact the school librarians directly.