Dear Parents,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the
Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting
of the Parents Association of the European School Brussels I  (Uccle + Berkendael).

The meeting will take place
on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm
in the teachers’ canteen – EEB1
46 avenue du Vert chasseur – 1180 Brussels

More information will follow.


On 20 November from 9am to noon there will be a demonstration of students at Place Schumann.
Below we present the original position as well as the response of our student committee and the school administration.

Original position:

Dear Parents of the European schools,
This may be useful information, regarding the student demonstration, November 20th from 09.00-12.00am at "Place Schuman".
The demonstration aims to draw attention to the drastic results and consequences of climate change, and one of our objectives is to be heard by the European institutions. On the 20th of November is 'Universal Children's Day', so we chose this day. At the moment we expect about 250 participants from our school, which will be joined by participants from the other European schools as well as other students from the international and Belgian schools. All in all, we expect about 500 participants, exclusively young people or pupils. (This number could increase, or be overestimated by us.)
Please note that the demonstration mainly is for students in S4 and upwards, but children younger than that are more than welcome if their parents consent/supervise.
Many thanks in advance,
Josefine Schäfer, student of EEB2
AttachmentStudent demonstration Nov 20th

EEBI Student Committee (CdE) Statement:

"We fully support the student school strike taking place on November 20th against the inaction of politicians about environmental protection and climate change. It is crucial to step up and to send a strong message to the people who fail to act to protect the Earth; its great that we students are beginning to realize the power we have to make our voices heard and that we are doing something about these issues. It is a big part of our future and we wish for increased attention and awareness of it not only in our politics, but also in our educational system as a whole. Vires in numeris!"

School Message (EN/FR):

Dear Parents,
Management was informed about a student demonstration for "Climate Change - the Right to Know" on Tuesday November 20th, planned in the morning at Schuman Square.
Despite the fact that we see the importance of actions to protect the planet, we will not accept participation at this demonstration as a valid justification for absence.
Kind regards.

Chers Parents,
La direction a été informée d'une manifestation d'étudiants pour "le changement climatique - le droit de savoir" qui aura lieu place Schuman ce mardi 20 novembre le matin.
Malgré l'importance que nous accordons aux actions de protection de la planète, nous ne pouvons accepter la participation de nos élèves à cette manifestation comme justification valable d'une absence aux cours.

See also:
please click on this link.


Dear Parents,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the
Annual General Assembly
of the Parents Association of the European School Brussels I  (Uccle + Berkendael).

The meeting will take place
on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 8:00 pm
in the pupils’ canteen – EEB1
46 avenue du Vert chasseur – 1180 Brussels

Registration is required to enter the school before 5 December at midnight.
You will find the link in the last email sent to you on 4 December.

You will find below:

The accounts 2017-2018 of the APEEE, the activity report 2017-2018, the draft budget 2018-2019, a proposed amendment to the APEEE Statutes and the profiles of the candidates running for direct election to the APEEE Administrative Board will be circulated prior to the meeting.

The General Assembly will include:

  • an introduction to and Q&A session with our new school director, Brian Goggins
  • a vote on a proposal to modify the APEEE Statutes to include representation for Berkendael families and SWALS (proxies due by 3 December – details below)
  • the election of new board members (submit your candidacy by 28 November – details below).

We would remind you that the General Assembly is an important opportunity for all parents to learn more about the activities of the parents association; to engage directly with the school director; as well as to express their views on the APEEE accounts and budget. Only the elected class representatives will be able to formally vote (in person or by proxy) at the General Assembly and take part in the election of five new APEEE Administrative Board members.

Address by the Director

We are happy to announce that M. Brian Goggins, Director of our school, will speak at the beginning of the General Assembly. He has asked that parents send questions, topics of interest or issues of concern to guide his preparation.
Please inform the APEEE secretariat (info@apeee-bxl1.be) about your proposed topics by noon 3 December 2018 at the latest.

Vote to Modify Statutes and Requirements for Approval

This year we would like to draw your particular attention to an important vote that will take place on a proposed update to our statutes to formally include representatives from the Berkendael site as well as SWALS parents in the APEEE Administrative Board.
For the proposed Statute change, we need a quorum of two-thirds of class representatives to attend (in person or by proxy) and a majority of those must approve in order for the amendment to take effect. An individual class representative can hold up to three proxies in addition to his/her own vote.
Please submit your proxies to the APEEE secretariat (info@apeee-bxl1.be) by 5pm, 5 December 2018 at the latest.

Submit your Candidature for the APEEE Board

If you wish to put forward your candidature for be election to the Board of the APEEE during the General Assembly, you are kindly invited to introduce yourself by means of the candidacy template that you will find in attachment.
Attention: only the parents who have been elected as class representatives can put forward their candidature for Board membership.
Please submit your completed candidacy template to the APEEE’s secretariat (info@apeee-bxl1.be) by 5pm 28 November 2018 at the latest.

We hope you are there (in person or by proxy)!

Kathryn Máthé
APEEE President



Welcome to the 2018-2019 Schol Year, Parents!  And a very special welcome to new Parents and Families of EEB1.

2018 has brought some changes to our school community that will be news for both green and veteran EEB1 parents. Notably, a new Director, Mr Brian Goggins is replacing Mrs Antonia Ruiz-Esturla after nearly a decade at the helm. Parents of S1-S5 students should also not be surprised to face a new marking scale.

Our Berkendael campus is continuing to grow as well and will see additional maternelle classes opened in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish on top of the existing maternelle and primary classes in French, German, Latvian and Slovak.

Though change is the norm of every rentrée, anyone whose children are entering a new cycle (P1, S1, S4 or S6) will doubtless experience more than the usual change. The APEEE Services can help with questions about lockers and canteen keys at Uccle, as well as those about transport and extracurricular activities at both Uccle and Berkendael. For questions about secondary calculators or to raise academic issues or questions concerning the well-being of students and the school community, you may contact the APEEE.

Your parent representatives to the APEEE will be elected at the September class meetings:


  • Tuesday 4 September: MAT-P1
  • Monday 24 September: S1-S2-S3
  • Tuesday 25 September: P2-P3
  • Thursday 27 September: P4-P5
  • Tuesday,9 October: S4-S5-S6-S7


  • Tuesday 4 September: all MAT and PRIM

Your four parent class reps make up the building blocks of the APEEE council and parent representation within the school, as well as the backbone of intra-class relations. An information packet on the APEEE as well as a brief description of the role of class reps can be found below. We also encourage you to get involved! If you are interested, contact us at: info@uccleparents.org

We are also pleased to welcome a new member of the APEEE staff this year, Guendalina Cominotti, who will be filling the newly created role of Communication Officer. So, don’t be surprised to see changes in the manner and form of communication over the coming months! And do not hesitate to give her your suggestions on how we can improve even further: communication@uccleparents.org

Finally, please keep an eye out for upcoming events/initiatives:

Looking forward to meeting you this school year!

Kathryn Máthé
President, APEEE





What is the Parents' Association?  What is its role?

Parent representatives act as intermediaries between parents and the school. They also participate in the organisation of some very important services such as the canteen, school transport, extracurricular activities etc. Your active engagement within the Association will make a positive contribution towards your child's overall school experience.

Would you like to find out more about the APEEE?

Who are we? What do we offer? Why should you get involved? How can you participate?

Please have a look at our introductory pack:

 APEEE Plaquette Uccle 2018_EN

 APEEE Plaquette Berkendael 2018_EN


Would you like to take an active role in the APEEE? The time is right!

Consult our "elections" manual:

 Elections EN Uccle

 Elections EN Berkendael

UMBRELLAS SALE (04/09/2018)

The APEEE will be selling EEBI 60th Anniversary Commemorative Umbrellas at Autumn parent meetings in order to raise money for needed infrastructure projects (i.e. benches and other seating areas) on the Uccle campus.

As an insurance against rain, APEEE ordered more than 1000 umbrellas for the 2018 EEBI School Fete.  Well, it worked!  The weather was as beautiful and sunny as anyone could have hoped for BUT as a result the APEEE still has over 800 umbrellas on hand.

We have opted to sell the umbrellas at a favourable price to Uccle parents this Autumn and will use the proceeds to finance a cooperative project with the school to improve the seating in both the primary and secondary outdoor areas of the Uccle campus—badly needed due to the upsurge in the Uccle population.

Please support the APEEE and the school by picking up an umbrella at the next event you attend!

Price (cash only):

  • compact umbrellas (plain blue or white with logo) = 5 EUR
  • large umbrellas (blue or green with logo) = 10 EUR


Returning parents:
Your data has been transferred from the old site and migrated to our new registration website.
The system does not fundamentally change for you, except for the interface.
However, our teams now have a much more efficient tool for managing your orders.

One important new feature, however, is that there will only be one account per family, regardless of your family situation.
Each adult (mother, father, other) must use a OWN AND UNIQUE email address to connect.
If this was not your case in our old online registration system, please contact the APEEE secretariat or the APEEE Services coordination who will help you in your steps.

Your first login involves resetting your password.

1st step: go to the online registration online registration site.
2nd step: click on "Reset your password" in the login form
3rd step: enter the email address you used on the previous registration site.
4th step: check the message you received on this email address and follow the instructions necessary for your first connection.

Once logged in, please check/correct/complete your personal data.

2018-2019 registrations :

Once connected, do not forget to validate the "pending validation" orders.
We have renewed your 2017-2018 orders for the 2018-2019 school year.
You must validate them on the site or ask us to delete them by sending us an email.

New parents :
please create an account, join the APEEE and register your children for the desired services.

Only parents registered as "father" or "mother" are in our mailing lists.

FAQ : 

  • Your orders are "pending for validation":
    This means that you are a parent already registered for whom we have renewed this year's orders for 2018-2019. You must validate them (by clicking on "consult" at the end of the line) or send an email to the relevant service if you wish to cancel them.
  • Your orders are "pending for treatment":
    Your request has been taken into account and will be processed by the relevant service as soon as we return from leave.
    Don't worry, it'll be done in time.
    Don't stop at this point. Create the other commands you want for your children right away.
  • Your orders are "pending for payment":
    You must have received a payment request email. Please proceed to payment.
    The processing of your payment is not automatic, your payment can only be validated by the APEEE staff when it is back from leave. Don't worry, it's a normal process.If it is the APEEE membership that is "pending for payment": this does not prevent you from creating new orders for your children. Create the desired orders and pay the APEEE membership.
  • S4-S7 calculators: you will still have time to order them in late August/early September. Contact the APEEE secretariat on this subject if you did not receive the email concerning these calculators in June. Don't worry, group ordering will still be possible in the first days of school.

CONFERENCES (29/04/2018)

You were unable to attend our conferences? It is not too late!

  • Secondary marking reform.
    February 5, 2018 by the 4 APEEEs of Brussels.
    Please find all details about this conference in the following document: Invitation_mark_reform_EN
    You can review the conference through this webstreaming link.


  • Better arm children against bullying
    February 6, 2018 by Emmanuelle Piquet.
    Registration is no longer available but do not hesitate to consult the  Emmanuelle Piquet' website (please click here) or to follow another conference on YouTube (please click here).


  • Children, teens and... video games. First aid guide for worried parents.
    April 16, 2018 by Christophe Butstraen.You can review the conference or discover it by clicking on this link.


  • Addictions among youth and ways to prevent and deal with them.
    April 27, 2018 by Nicolas Ancion.
    You can review the conference or discover it via this link.



Please click here.